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Mon Oct 15 04:31:05 BST 2012

Klaus Slott posted on Sun, 14 Oct 2012 19:17:06 +0200 as excerpted:

> I had troubles with several things, especially kmail: "KMail encountered
> a fatal error and will terminate now. Failed to fetch >> the resource
> collection" So I decided to try a clean start and removed everything
> that looked kde accosiated::
> ~/.config/akonadi ~/.config/ ~/.config/qtcurve
> ~/.config/qtcurve.gtk-icons ~/.local/share/akonadi/
> ~/.kde4 ~/.kde
> logging in again I was now able to make Kmail work

I see you have the original issue fixed (good thing as I'd have had no 

Just a heads-up.  KMail isn't the same old reasonably stable app that it 
used to be; that I used for nearing a decade.

New kmail (aka kmail2) is akonadified (using akonadi as the backend), 
now, and many people (including me) found the new version considerably 
less stable than the old, losing mail, etc.  Luckily you have IMAP, 
storing mail on the server, so it should be harder to lose than with 
POP3's all local mail.

But being IMAP, it should both be harder to lose mail since it'll 
hopefully still be on the server, and easier to switch clients if need 
be.  So go ahead and try it and hopefully you'll be fine.  But I'd 
suggest not getting to attached to it until you know it's stable for you.

Meanwhile, I don't know what mail app you used with xfce, but you can 
probably still use that with kde if you wish.  Other alternatives include 
Mozilla's thunderbird, claws-mail (which I switched to and am very happy 
with), evolution, balsa, sylpheed, etc, plus the text-based apps such as 
mutt and alpine.  (Tho FWIW I'm a gentooer and thus don't know which of 
those might be available on opensuse).  While there don't seem to be any 
other kde-based mail alternatives, one of the newer IMAP-only 
alternatives, trojita, is qt-based, and thus should still integrate quite 
well with kde's look and feel.  It actually looks very interesting, 
enough that I'd have surely tried it if I had IMAP.

So just keep your alternatives open until you're sure the new kmail's 
going to work well for you.  Now that I've warned you it'll probably work 
great and you'll wonder what this post was all about. =:^)  But if you 
/do/ start having problems, you know you're not the only one now, and can 
consider those other options you kept open. =:^)

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