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Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Wed Oct 10 14:18:43 BST 2012

Mirko K. posted on Wed, 10 Oct 2012 11:32:44 +0200 as excerpted:

> Say, *is* there actually an icon/launcher widget/plasmoid that starts
> *one* individual program, like .desktop file based icons? Or do I
> confuse that with the Quicklauncher?

That's an interesting question.  Short answer, I don't know.

Back in still severely buggy 4.2/4.3 period, when I switched from kde3, I 
distinctly remember a number of individual desktop launcher icons, one 
each for the few I had on my kde3 desktop.

However, being the heavy customizer I am, and with the various bugs 
triggering crashes and restarts, those didn't stay around long, and I 
wasn't yet familiar enough with the system to know which plasmoid they 
actually were, so I really don't know if they were simply quicklaunchers 
configured with just a single icon each, or if they were export-only 
plasmoids that aren't available in the plasmoid explorer, or something 

Plus of course not knowing what they actually were, for all I know they 
were some plasmoid available in early kde4, that was phased out somewhere 
along the line.

I've sort of wondered what they were a few times, but icon-based 
launching isn't really my thing anyway, so it's not like I'd be likely to 
use them.  But I'd still like to know for sure what they were, just on 
principle.  (FWIW I prefer hotkey based launching, and ended up scripting 
my own solution after kde4 broke the khotkey multikey support I had used 
in kde3.)

> I suspect that nothing got lost. But I added more icons to the
> Quicklauncher and when I later added that one to the desktop/panel I got
> confused as I expected a simple program starter.
> I just removed all but one icon from it and the result looks exactly
> like I had in mind.

That could well be it.

> Feeling slightly stupid now. :-D

Eh, my theory is that sometimes asking that so-called "stupid" question 
is often part of finding the answer.  Delay the post hoping to come up 
with the answer yourself, and it doesn't come.  10 minutes after posting, 
tho, you have it!

That's been my experience anyway.  So these days, if it looks like that 
sort of question, I try to post it as soon as possible, figuring the 
sooner I post, the sooner I'll have the answer, regardless of whether 
it's because I figure it out 10 minutes after posting, or because someone 
else points me to it.


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