Icon widget lost

Mirko K. mirkok.lists at googlemail.com
Wed Oct 10 10:32:44 BST 2012

On 10.10.2012 01:50, Duncan wrote:
> Mirko K. posted on Wed, 10 Oct 2012 00:22:37 +0200 as excerpted:
>> On 10.10.2012 00:15, Mirko K. wrote:
>>> I'm running Ubuntu 12.04 (not Kubuntu) with KDE 4.9 from the Kubuntu
>>> PPA. Everything worked fine, Then I played around with some widgets
>>> from kde-look.org (but I'm not sure if that's really causing the
>>> problem).
>>> Anyway, I've lost the "icon widget" (don't remember how it's called
>>> exactly). It's just not anymore listed in the list of widgets when I do
>>> "Add Widget" in the panel or desktop, so I can't add simple application
>>> launchers to the panels (or desktop).
>>> Some of the widgets I installed where only available as C++ source and
>>> had to be installed system-wide. I guess I overwrote/replaced the
>>> original icon widget (or anything like that). But reinstalling the
>>> plasma-desktop package didn't help.
>>> So, any idea what's wrong, or how to debug this?
>> Forgot to mention:
>> That widget is also lost for other users on my machine, as well as with
>> the "KDE Plasma Desktop (Abgesicherter Modus)" session. (Abgesicherter
>> Modus == "Safe Mode" probably, what's that one for, BTW).
>> So it's probably not a user config related problem.
> Thanks for the "affects other users" addendum.  That's critical
> information. =:^)
> I'm not sure of the chances of this working especially since it's
> affecting all users, but it's definitely worth a shot.  Try running:
> kbuildsycoca4 --noincremental

Thanks for your reply.

kbuildsycoca4 didn't help. I tried that earlier. But I do have a 

Say, *is* there actually an icon/launcher widget/plasmoid that 
starts *one* individual program, like .desktop file based icons? Or 
do I confuse that with the Quicklauncher?

I suspect that nothing got lost. But I added more icons to the 
Quicklauncher and when I later added that one to the desktop/panel I 
got confused as I expected a simple program starter.

I just removed all but one icon from it and the result looks exactly 
like I had in mind.

Feeling slightly stupid now. :-D

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