How to setup dual monitor in kde?

bjlockie at bjlockie at
Mon May 28 18:39:53 BST 2012

> dE . posted on Mon, 28 May 2012 12:00:15 +0530 as excerpted:

> Turning off semantic-desktop at build-time, no nepomuk, no akonadi (which
> means no kdepim, I switched mail/contacts and feeds to claws-mail, always
> used pan for news, and never used the rest of the kdepim stuff), no rasqal
> or redland, no virtuoso, no mysql, strigi still installed as parts of kde
> need its headers to build, but without a backend so it's emasculated...
> turning all that off at build-time and building without it... was the
> missing magic.  Without it, I can now say kde4's better than kde3!  It's
> ironic, tho, because all that semantic-desktop stuff was major bullet-
> point-features of kde4, so to have to build kde4 without it in ordered to
> finally get a kde4 that not only matches but surpasses kde3 for me,
> ironic indeed! =:^)

Are there instructions for doing that?

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