How to setup dual monitor in kde?

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Mon May 28 09:56:35 BST 2012

dE . posted on Mon, 28 May 2012 12:00:15 +0530 as excerpted:

> That's what KDE is all about. With each release there're more
> regressions than fixes in an attempt to add new 'features'.
> You should try XFCE for the ultimate stable experience.

FWIW, I'm on gentoo and around the beginning of the kde 4.7 series, I not 
only turned off semantic-desktop (nepomuk, etc), but set the USE flags to 
compile kde without it!  While I had been and still claim that late 4.5 
was finally a match for 3.5.10 and therefore what SHOULD have been 4.0 
(with everything before that 3.50+ prereleases for 4.0), I had yet to 
have a kde4 that worked BETTER for me than 3.5.10.

Turning off semantic-desktop at build-time, no nepomuk, no akonadi (which 
means no kdepim, I switched mail/contacts and feeds to claws-mail, always 
used pan for news, and never used the rest of the kdepim stuff), no rasqal 
or redland, no virtuoso, no mysql, strigi still installed as parts of kde 
need its headers to build, but without a backend so it's emasculated... 
turning all that off at build-time and building without it... was the 
missing magic.  Without it, I can now say kde4's better than kde3!  It's 
ironic, tho, because all that semantic-desktop stuff was major bullet-
point-features of kde4, so to have to build kde4 without it in ordered to 
finally get a kde4 that not only matches but surpasses kde3 for me, 
ironic indeed! =:^)

But of course most binary distros will come with most or all of that 
stuff enabled in the pre-built binaries, thus dragging down kde4's 
performance enormously, and with most people who run kde installing from 
pre-built binaries, unfortunately, few are going to get the chance to see 
how kde4 can /really/ perform, without all that stuff dragging it down!  
I was actually surprised at how much of a difference it made.  It 
honestly felt like I'd just upgraded from a quad-core to a hex-core, or 
upgraded the clockrate by half a gigahertz!  Yes, it really DID make that 
sort of a difference! =:^)

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