How to setup dual monitor in kde?

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Mon May 28 10:20:11 BST 2012

Hello Kevin. I was just about to post something like that but it was getting too long. It's a complicated subject.

Personally for stability I would go for opensuse 11.4  and only yast for upgrades. They also do a rolling release that will be a little more hairy. Some one from the unbuntu stable might be happier with a move like that. Updating on others can be a bit of a nightmare. :-) Some put me off anyway.

There is also plenty of info on using multiple monitors on the opensuse forum. Probably on ubuntu's too as it's a console job and until some one wants kde to do it and can also do the work it will probably remain like that. On the other hand things sometime miraculously cure themselves. 

Out of interest opensuse 11.4 comes with kde 4.6 and apart from sometime going awol for a short period no doubt accessing the disc's for indexing there are few problems with any of it. Often this involves typing ahead before the desktop catches up , 4 or 5 char. Sometimes it can be as much as 10 secs. If I use the machine all day that might happen 2 or 3 times usually during very heavy web usage with loads of windows up. Also I may have to log in and log out once a month or so or reboot a lot less often. It's been like this since I installed it. :-) Makes me wonder what the updates are for - problems - I had to recompile mount.cifs to get my nas to work as I want again even though I had locked out mount.cifs updates. Nothings perfect that was down to a yast update.


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>> A workaround is to use KDE is Debian stable, that way you can ensure
>> there're no regressions atleast.
>Or Debian Testing or Unstable for newer versions of some packages.
>Been doing that successfully since about 2001 IIRC so I wouldn't call it a 
>work around.
>But I guess it matters less which distribution one uses but more that one 
>understands how the distributions package selection and upgrade process works.
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