KAddressbook Spawning Tags (Update)

Martin Bednar serafean at gmail.com
Sun May 27 12:02:49 BST 2012


sorry for not replying, I've been away for the week

Le mardi 22 mai 2012 09:50:52 vous avez écrit :
> Greetings.
> Thank you again for all the help messages, it does make a difference when
> new avenues are pointed out to remove the frustration of not seeing
> solutions.
> Further to my last message, the spawning tags have mutated overnight.  What
> was two on the contact I use as reference is now 17 tags, of which one was
> added by me yesterday.
> The extra tags were created involuntarily by nemopuk last night with all my
> attempts to deselect and reselect and delete.  But at least they don't seem
> to be breeding out of control on their own any more!

That's progress, I suppose...

> When I gave up last night, new tags would be displayed in the Contact data
> view as a "nemopuk + code" entry.  This morning that changed to display the
> correct tag description in the contact view, but the tag description that
> displayed last night in the tag selection view has now changed to be just a
> tickbox with no description next to it like the tags I found immediately
> after populating the new user's contact list with my data.

Where did all your tags come from? Are they stored in the vcard? AFAIK nepomuk 
starts out with no tags at all (unless it uses the vcard CATEGORIES/NOTE 
property, I really don't know). 

> What is strange to me and perhaps someone can explain to me, is this.  This
> is a new user on the same system with the same data.  I accept something is
> broken in the original version, but this should have been solved with the
> standard default setup of the new user, the new user starting out with the
> invisible tags in the tags view is however even more useless than the
> original broken version.

Were the tags there before you imported your contacts? If yes, it may be your 
distro's default setup that is broken.

> Either the developers didn't test for this behaviour before release, or
> there is still something I can change on my system to resolve this.  If
> there is I will try, but once again I am stumped.

Me too, as I don't really understand what's going on. All I can recommend you 
to do is always do things one step at a time, then check if everything still 

> Should I report this as a bug, or is there something else anyone can propose
> I try before I do that?

Try to find a way to reproduce it, if possible without any random behaviour. 
I'd suggest using a small(er) contact list (using a new user,  so that you 
know that the kde setup isn't broken). and trying to import it. Then report 

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