How to setup a wacom tablet and/or a touchscreen in a two monitors configuration?

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Sun May 27 07:53:40 BST 2012

Basically you need to set it with   xsetwacom

man xsetwacom

  MapToOutput [output]
              Map the tablet's input area to a given output (e.g. "VGA1").
Output names may either be the name of a
              head  available through the XRandR extension, or an X11
geometry string of the form WIDTHxHEIGHT+X+Y.
              To switch to the next available output, the "next" keyword is
also supported. This will cycle between
              the  individual  monitors  connected  to  the system, and
then the entire desktop. The mapping may be
              reset to the entire desktop at any time with the output name
"desktop". Users of  the  NVIDIA  binary
              driver  should  use  the  output  names "HEAD-0" and "HEAD-1"
until the driver supports XRandR 1.2 or

and to do that everytime you login in i guess you should create a little
bash script and put it on your $HOME/.kde/Autostart folder * but i am not
sure i guess you should read this first  *for reference :

and this

there is  section where you should seee

Dual and Multi-Monitor Set Up
2012/5/27 Marcelo Magno T. Sales <mmtsales at>

>  Hello,
> I don't know if this problem can be solved within KDE or if it must be
> solved somewhere in xorg configuration. If anyone can give me directions on
> what exactly should I look for, I will be grateful.
> I use two monitors with 1920x1080 resolution, one above the other, and the
> desktop is extended across them. My desktop, therefore, has a 1920x2160
> resolution.
> The lower monitor has a touchscreen and the upper monitor has not.
> However, right now I'm not able to use the touchscreen properly because X
> interprets the touches as if the touchscreen area was over both monitors.
> For example, if I touch the middle of the lower monitor (which should be
> around coordinate [960,1620]), X thinks I've clicked the middle of the
> entire desktop (around coordinate [960,1080], i.e., the mouse cursor goes
> to the top of the lower monitor / bottom of the upper monitor). If I touch
> the top of the lower monitor, the top of the desktop is clicked insted
> (i.e., the top of the upper monitor).
> How can I configure KDE or X so they know that the touchscreen covers only
> the lower monitor?
> Similar problem occurs with a wacom digitizing tablet. I would like the
> tablet area would correspond to just one of the monitors, not the entire
> desktop. How can I setup this?
> Thanks,
> Marcelo
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