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Jacky Alciné jacky.alcine at
Sun May 27 11:58:31 BST 2012

Hello KDE!

I've been using KDE for quite some time and I personally really, really love 
the environment. Everything's nicely tucked together, especially with contact 
communication and what not. However, I do feel like it's missing some 
elements. For example, when I browse the Web via rekonq, I noticed that a menu 
option to share the currently viewed URL appears. By semantics, I figured that 
it would allow me to pick a service to send this URL to and go about my way.

It opened up a composer for KMail. Now, I wasn't totally upset, I was planning 
on e-mailing the link anyways. But there's links that I'd like to just tweet 
or share on Facebook (or D*). I figured that something like a social media 
module of sorts with plug-ins for different platforms (could use KNewStuff to 
add more services) that could hook into KMainWindow or provide a special UI 
element that, with a specific medium of data, would redistribute the content in 
question. For example, if there's a image on my computer that I downloaded 
from my camera, without having to open Gwenview, I could just right-click the 
image, select "Share...", pick a service (given that the image is uploaded as 
well) and watch the job occur in the background.

I figured it'd be a cool idea; and I'd consider working on a library with a 
sample application to test it out. I'm planning on starting tonight (after 
work) so I could [hopefully, with school] have something before Friday. I 
wanted to get the opinion of KDE users themselves.

Ideas? Rants? Insults? :D All welcome.
Jacky Alcine

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