How to setup a wacom tablet and/or a touchscreen in a two monitors configuration?

Marcelo Magno T. Sales mmtsales at
Sun May 27 00:51:41 BST 2012


I don't know if this problem can be solved within KDE or if it must be solved 
somewhere in xorg configuration. If anyone can give me directions on what 
exactly should I look for, I will be grateful.
I use two monitors with 1920x1080 resolution, one above the other, and the 
desktop is extended across them. My desktop, therefore, has a 1920x2160 
The lower monitor has a touchscreen and the upper monitor has not. However, 
right now I'm not able to use the touchscreen properly because X interprets 
the touches as if the touchscreen area was over both monitors. For example, if 
I touch the middle of the lower monitor (which should be around coordinate 
[960,1620]), X thinks I've clicked the middle of the entire desktop (around 
coordinate [960,1080], i.e., the mouse cursor goes to the top of the lower 
monitor / bottom of the upper monitor). If I touch the top of the lower 
monitor, the top of the desktop is clicked insted (i.e., the top of the upper 
How can I configure KDE or X so they know that the touchscreen covers only the 
lower monitor? 

Similar problem occurs with a wacom digitizing tablet. I would like the tablet 
area would correspond to just one of the monitors, not the entire desktop. How 
can I setup this?


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