KAddressbook Spawning Tags

Lex Middelberg lex at middelberg.co.za
Mon May 21 22:06:39 BST 2012

Once more, thank you Martin.

I have gone the way of creating a new user.  In the process I found my old 
emails that I thought were deleted a year ago.  Just for that it was worth 
taking the dive.

You were right, the new user got rid of the hundreds upon hundreds of empty 
tags and "nemopuk" tags and now kontact is much faster.

HOWEVER, the tag problem has just shifted base.  The new problem is this:

After importing the addressbook into the new user, when you select a contact 
all the information is there and correct, searches using assigned tags works 
perfectly but when you open the tags dialog from the contacts data view, the 
tags are empty with just the tick boxes visible, the tag name is nowhere 
although it shows up correctly in the contact data view.

Adding new tags is now impossible.  When you add a tag it is inserted in the 
contact's data as a "nemopuk" tag, the assigned name is nowhere to be seen.  
When you unmark a previously marked (but empty) tag or the newly created 
"nemopuk" tag, the number of unmarked tags multiplies.

Finally the unmarked tags are impervious to deletion.  They just won't go.

On Monday 21 May 2012 01:01:18 Martin Bednar wrote:

> nope, with akonadi-related problems, akonadiconsole is your friend. However,
> I must warn you that used incorrectly, it can be very destructive.
> As for the why, because its broken, I'd try to fix it by starting at its
> initial state (yes, I'm a programmer)
Looks like this will have to be next stop?


> It all comes down to : do you want to try fixing your KDEPIM, or migrate now
> to something else...
Yes, the fix is preferable as I have invested a lot of time to migrate to linux 
in the first place.  I keep a windows machine for some applications that won't 
work under wine or in virtualbox.

> Martin
> PS : I hope all this makes sense, it's kind of late :)

Yes it does, I'll play around some more in the days to come to see if I can 
figure out what to do about the strangely (mis)behaving tags. Since I am NOT a 
programmer ideas will always welcome :)

Lex Middelberg.
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