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Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Mon May 21 05:10:34 BST 2012

Martin Bednar posted on Mon, 21 May 2012 01:01:18 +0200 as excerpted:

> Yes, upgrades can be very bumpy. If you're still using the user you
> created in 2009, with the same configuration files, I am not at all
> surprised that your PIM setup is shot. A great many changes have occured
> since then, and the migration wasn't smooth at all.

Heh, I'm on gentoo, using the same user and generally same setup I setup 
back in 2004 when I switched to gentoo.  And a good portion of that config 
including most or all of the kde user config, all mail, etc, was copied 
over from my mandrake installation, with a recursive chown to switch the 
UIDs/GIDs around from the ones on mandrake to the ones on gentoo.

The mandrake install, in turn, was from late 2001 thru early 2002, during 
which period I switched from MS, as eXPrivacy's anti-features were across 
the line, for me, and I was having no part of it.  Altho I had seen it 
coming and had actually been checking Linux hardware compatibility on all 
upgrades for about two years before that, and had procured and read 
nearly cover to cover O'Reilly's Running Linux in ordered to get oriented 
on my new OS of choice, and had /wanted/ to actually get started a bit 
earlier, as it turned out, I wasn't able to actually do that Linux 
install, this time for real, until the symbolic weekend that eXPrivacy 
itself was released.

It took me three months to settle in, but it wasn't like MS was leaving 
me much choice, after all, so settle in I did.  In that three months, I 
first dealt with hardware, learning how to configure (then) LILO (now 
GRUB, GRUB-2, even) so I could boot to the new Linux on my new 100-gig 
drive, or to the old MS on the old 36-gig, learning how to setup (then) 
xf86config (now xorg.conf) so that it'd work with three video heads on 
two different cards, learning how to configure and build the kernel, 
etc.  Then, once I had the hardware, the commandline and basic X setup 
(with three heads), it was on to choosing the software I wanted.  I ended 
up with kde (then 2.x) as my DE, konqueror, kmail, etc, but pan as my 
news (nntp) client, as knode was lousy for binaries, among other reasons.

I'm still using kde as my DE, and I'm typing this on pan, which very 
nearly died of abandonment some years ago, before it got new developers.

Ironically given that a few years ago I was thinking about trying 
something other than pan for news again, so I could get rid of gtk as it 
was the only thing using it that I used regularly, with kde4, I 
eventually ended up dumping konqueror for the gtk-based firefox, since 
it's /quite/ evident that the kde devs consider konqueror little more 
than a toy, and now, kmail and akregator, for the gtk-based claws-mail 
(with a second separate claws config for feeds to replace akregator).

That allowed me to dump kdepim and akonadi entirely, which allowed me to 
set USE=-semantic-desktop (gentoo) and toggle off a few other related USE 
flags, so now, I not only have nepomuk, etc, turned off, I have a kde4 
built entirely without them!

WOW, how much faster kde4 is without semantic-desktop even built!  
Seriously.  It's as if I added a couple cores to my quad-core, or another 
half a gighertz clocking, for free!  I feel rather like the MS using 
folks upon discovery of how much performance the scan-on-use AV was 
sucking down, or alternatively, how much performance the malware was 
hogging!  Yes, for me, the whole kde4 semantic-desktop thing was an anti-
feature more or less equating to malware!

But while with kde 4.5, I finally found kde4 production ready (what 
SHOULD have been 4.0, everything before that was alpha/beta/release-
candidate) and generally comparable to 3.5.10, ironically given semantic-
desktop was a bullet-point feature of kde4, it was only upon building 
kde4 without it, that I FINALLY found kde4 to have actually SURPASSED 
kde3 in performance and usefulness.

Meanwhile, actually, some of those messages that I converted to claws-
mail mh-dir format, I had imported into kmail from MSOE back during that 
three-month-transfer period in late 2001 and early 2002.  Some of them 
were from 1997 or so.

So some of the data that I ended up converting to claws-mail mh-dir 
format was nearly a decade and a half old, and some of my kde user config 
is from kde2 era, early 2002 or perhaps slightly earlier, over a decade 
ago now!

That puts the 2008 user data in a bit of perspective.  =:^)

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