KAddressbook Spawning Tags

Martin Bednar serafean at gmail.com
Mon May 21 00:01:18 BST 2012

Le dimanche 20 mai 2012 10:18:03 Lex Middelberg a écrit :
> My system is being used daily for work, however it is a stock standard
> system that I installed somewhere in 2009 and simply upgraded as and when
> new version of Kubuntu became available.  I never tweaked it
> Some time last year I upgraded and it all turned into a nightmare.  I lost
> my emails and kontact is more problem than help.  It is a bit late now, but
> I wish I had tried gnome with evolution first.  In any event everything is
> stock- standard as KDE or Kubuntu set it up.

Yes, upgrades can be very bumpy. If you're still using the user you created in 
2009, with the same configuration files, I am not at all surprised that your PIM 
setup is shot. A great many changes have occured since then, and the migration 
wasn't smooth at all.

> > Have you tried backing up those  contacts, deleting the resource and
> > creating a new one?
> Why would that work?  How should I do that?  Through Systems-Settings?

nope, with akonadi-related problems, akonadiconsole is your friend. However, I 
must warn you that used incorrectly, it can be very destructive.
As for the why, because its broken, I'd try to fix it by starting at its 
initial state (yes, I'm a programmer)

> > Is the akonadi nepomuk feeder active?
> If you mean to ask is nemopuk enabled? The answer is yes.  If you are asking
> something else, I do not know where to look to see if the "feeder" is
> active.
> > Which version of KDE does precise come with?
> 4.8.2
> > If you're not using nepomuk for other things, you can start from scratch
> > (new  user/delete nepomuk configuration), I guarantee that will get rid of
> > the tags. You will then have to recreate the akonadi nepomuk feeder
> > though.
> Isn't that a bit extreme?
> See above, I don't know what else nemopuk is linked to.  I am not aware that
> it does anything else on my system.

Nepomuk is used for file tagging, history and other fun things. For instance, 
it indexes all your music files (extracts the id3 tags) and you can use this 
desktop service directly as a music database via the bangarang media player, 
or the music:/ kioslave. As of 4.8 it is also used for mail indexing, and does 
the heavy lifting behind mail search (not the quick filter bar).

> If I create a new user what about my emails and contact list?  What about my
> data in the home directory of the current user?  What about my accounting
> data and the data and configurations stored by all my other software?

As I see it, since you're in a non-working situation, you have 3 options : 
a - create a new user
b - delete non-working config
c- switch to something else

C was very much debated here, I won't go into it.

a : copying data isn't a problem, just copy all non-hidden files. Copying mails 
& contacts: know where they're stored, and you're ok. App configuration can be 
a PITA : for every app you have to know the necessary files and where to place 

b : I did this several times, completely deleting all PIM-related config 
(sometimes including nepomuk). It involved a bit of manual setup after to get 
it working from scratch (I left the wizards disabled), but IMO it was worth 
This is best done from a tty (terminal) without the desktop running as your 
usual user.
first delete ~/.config/akonadi, then ~/.local/share/akonadi
then delve deep into ~/.kde4, and delete anything that seems related to 
akonadi/kmail/addressbook (the whole PIM). Be careful though, as korganizer 
might be keeping a calendar file in the ~/.kde4/share/apps/korganizer/ 
subdirectory, and you haven't said where your mails are (kmail might have them 
stored somewhere).
After this, since you're not actively using nepomuk, I recommend you nuke 
evrything related to it too. (most stuff can be reindexed anyway).
Then log in (GUI), and the default akonadi configuration should appear. You can 
then configure all resources as you need using system settings.

if you have customized apps, option b is a lot easier otherwise if 
reconfiguring all the apps isn't such a hassle, I'd go for option a.

I just realized that this thread went from 'addressbook not working' to nuking 
all akonadi/nepomuk configuration. Fun :)
As a sidenote : I really do recommend nuking nepomuk, because the nepomuk 
feeders got a pretty big rewrite for 4.8, and really many bugfixes for 4.8.2/3, 
so it should work well (at least it does for me, although granted I don't have 
nearly as many contacts).
And I cannot stress this enough : make backup of important data before playing 
It all comes down to : do you want to try fixing your KDEPIM, or migrate now to 
something else...


PS : I hope all this makes sense, it's kind of late :)
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