KAddressbook Spawning Tags

Alex Schuster wonko at wonkology.org
Sun May 20 15:20:36 BST 2012

Lex Middelberg writes:

> > From: Martin Bednar <serafean at gmail.com>

> > Have you tried backing up those  contacts, deleting the resource and
> > creating a new one?
> Why would that work?  How should I do that?  Through Systems-Settings?

Yes, in the personal information module.

> > If you're not using nepomuk for other things, you can start from
> > scratch (new  user/delete nepomuk configuration), I guarantee that
> > will get rid of the tags. You will then have to recreate the akonadi
> > nepomuk feeder though.
> Isn't that a bit extreme?

It is. It might clean things up, but I also absolutely hate to do this. I
started with a clean .kde directory for three times since I went to KDE
4, and it did not help much. Some things got fixed indeed, but most
problems stayed.
This Akonadi stuff is intended to help me, but in the end it makes me
spend much more time with it trying to solve problems I would not have
without. Well, most things seem to work by now, except for KMail. I just
started it today to test some things. Searching messages especially, I
misunderstood something in Claws so I gave KMail a try. Which never ever
found a message when I was doing a full text search in the past. So I
tried again, and, guess what. Nothing happens. There's also an IMAP folder
that is not accessible suddenly. Whatever. I restarted Akonadi, no
change. I restarted Kontact, still this one folder is not accessible. But
wow, now I see a result in my last search, two messages were found. Okay,
there should be three, but it's better than nothing.
Other mysterious things: I have some new local folders now ('Lokale
Ordner' which means local fodlers in German), with two empty sub-folders
for outbox sent mails. All shown in red. While the 'Local Folders' I
created myself show up in gray, with some messages in them, but when I
click one, I get a notification that th eelement cannot be fetched in
offline mode.
Those are new problems, but hey, I am not surprised, and I do not even
care about them any more. I switched to something else, I am free now,
freeeee! Muahahaha.

> See above, I don't know what else nemopuk is linked to.  I am not aware
> that it does anything else on my system.
> If I create a new user what about my emails and contact list?  What
> about my data in the home directory of the current user?  What about my
> accounting data and the data and configurations stored by all my other
> software?

I wouldn't create a new user, but instead rename the .kde
and .local/share/akonadi directories. And copy stuff you want to keep from
there over to the new .kde directory. Create your new Akonadi resources,
and point them to your existing data in .local/share/. As I said, this is
a process I absolutely hate to do, but at least you can be sure to get
rid of old cruft then. If it does not help, remove the .kde directory and
rename your old one back.

Good luck,

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