KAddressbook Spawning Tags

Chuck Burns break19 at gmail.com
Sun May 20 00:17:00 BST 2012

On 5/19/2012 5:38 PM, Duncan wrote:
> If you want/need the PIM, etc, /especially/ if you want/need it
> integrated with your mail client, that's something entirely different.
> In that case you /are/ likely to have a database-managed backend of
> /some/ sort -- both evolution and (I believe) outlook do -- but those
> apparently take quite some years to stabilize and while kde's akonadified
> kdepim functionality, unified in the kontact interface or as the separate
> apps, will probably get there eventually, whether it's worth the growing
> pains as a user is a different question.  Personally, if I /needed/ that
> (to me) bloated functionality, I'd probably stick with kontact, but I
> don't, so...  Meanwhile, both outlook and evolution are rather more
> mature, so one could at least hope that they're past those growing pains
> and are rather more stable these days.

Yea.. I've been around long enough to remember very similar issues with 
evolution during it's early days.

TBH, I wasn't aware that evolution managed to get stable.. my first 
experiences with it, many years ago, was severe instability..

Was, basically "Lemme try this gnome thing.. evolution? some sort of 
email client? *set up my account* wtf? it just crashed? This sucks.. 
won't be using it, then"  lol

Now, apparently, it's stable. :)

Chuck Burns
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