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Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Sat May 19 23:38:56 BST 2012

Lex Middelberg posted on Sat, 19 May 2012 19:41:26 +0200 as excerpted:

> On Saturday 19 May 2012 12:00:25 kde-request at mail.kde.org wrote:
>> FWIW, database-related "malfunctionality" such as this is one reason I
>> decided to dump kmail and the rest of kdepim entirely, here.  Switching
>> my mail archive, address book, and mail filters over to claws-mail
>> wasn't easy, but it was worth it, for sure, and the worst I get in a
>> crash is a few read messages showing up as unread, again, if it hadn't
>> yet saved that status.  YMMV, but claws-mail was a better solution for
>> me anyway, and with kde's color scheme exported to gtk apps, I've been
>> very happy with the results.  Not as integrated with kde, but I'll take
>> actually working over integrated, any day.
> Thank you Duncan.  I was thinking to change to another pim, even
> considering Outlook again, but kept back hoping the Kdepim developers
> would fix this.  No luck and no improvement on the horizon either.
> I have played with Claws mail, but I need the pim.  As for alternatives,
> why did you not take Evolution?
> I suppose that basically leaves me with choice between Evolution and
> Outlook?
> Do I miss any other alternative?

I didn't need the PIM.  All I /needed/ was RFC-compliant mail handling 
via POP3 and SMTP and reliable local storage,  I also /wanted/ a non-
gnome GUI client that kde could color-scheme, with configurable keyboard 
accels and ideally scripted extensibility.  Claws gave me all that. =:^)

If you want/need the PIM, etc, /especially/ if you want/need it 
integrated with your mail client, that's something entirely different.  
In that case you /are/ likely to have a database-managed backend of 
/some/ sort -- both evolution and (I believe) outlook do -- but those 
apparently take quite some years to stabilize and while kde's akonadified 
kdepim functionality, unified in the kontact interface or as the separate 
apps, will probably get there eventually, whether it's worth the growing 
pains as a user is a different question.  Personally, if I /needed/ that 
(to me) bloated functionality, I'd probably stick with kontact, but I 
don't, so...  Meanwhile, both outlook and evolution are rather more 
mature, so one could at least hope that they're past those growing pains 
and are rather more stable these days.

Two other possibilities come to mind, tho as I said I don't need that 
functionality so I've no idea how well they work or whether they're 
appropriate at all, but I'd look into them if it were me:

1) As mentioned, Mozilla thunderbird.  Mozilla also has... let me look it 
up as IDR the exact name... "Lightning and Sunbird" for calendar/
scheduling/task-management.  While thunderbird is reasonably widely used, 
I don't believe I've known of anyone actually using lightning/sunbird and 
I have literally no idea if it's at all appropriate, but if I were in 
that market, that'd definitely be on my investigation list.

2) These days a lot of folks do it all online.  Google apps...  I know a 
lot of folks who use that.  Personally I've deliberately stayed away from 
getting a google account or letting them know that much about me (I run 
privoxy, noscript and request-policy so they don't even tend to get the 
usual doubleclick advertising profile on me), but hey, a lot of folks 
"have been assimilated" and don't seem too miserable, and I've already 
said I don't need pim-functionality anyway, so for all I know it's the 
perfect solution. <shrug>

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