KAddressbook Spawning Tags

Lex Middelberg lex at middelberg.co.za
Sat May 19 18:41:26 BST 2012

On Saturday 19 May 2012 12:00:25 kde-request at mail.kde.org wrote:
> FWIW, database-related "malfunctionality" such as this is one reason I 
> decided to dump kmail and the rest of kdepim entirely, here.  Switching 
> my mail archive, address book, and mail filters over to claws-mail wasn't 
> easy, but it was worth it, for sure, and the worst I get in a crash is a 
> few read messages showing up as unread, again, if it hadn't yet saved 
> that status.  YMMV, but claws-mail was a better solution for me anyway, 
> and with kde's color scheme exported to gtk apps, I've been very happy 
> with the results.  Not as integrated with kde, but I'll take actually 
> working over integrated, any day.

Thank you Duncan.  I was thinking to change to another pim, even considering 
Outlook again, but kept back hoping the Kdepim developers would fix this.  No 
luck and no improvement on the horizon either.

I have played with Claws mail, but I need the pim.  As for alternatives, why 
did you not take Evolution?

I suppose that basically leaves me with choice between Evolution and Outlook?  
Do I miss any other alternative?

Lex Middelberg
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