convert to kde on Windows 7--more

Hans Muecke kde at
Tue Jul 17 14:22:15 BST 2012

Am 16.07.2012 20:55, schrieb Doug:

> I have just looked at the website, and looked thru
> a whole set of screen shots.  It looks to me like you DO wind up with
> a KDE desktop and most of the KDE aps that I have in Linux.  Of
> course, maybe not all of them work, I don't know. Specifically, it does
> look as if Dolphin is there, and card games, but I couldn't verify the
> Find Files/Find Folders app.

Believe me ... it is no KDE Desktop you end up with, it is embedded into
win by the use of a dll-file. On my laptop I have installed Amarok and
Digikam and they lack some functionallity I know from my penguins. About
the Find Files/Folders ... I guess because the win command isn't as
powerful as the *nix command (but everything is based on it via dll) you
might not find what you're looking for. Id suggest you try Duncan's
suggestion (Cygwin) ...

Talk to you later ... Hans (52 to go)

2012/07/17 12:50
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