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Doug dmcgarrett at
Tue Jul 17 02:55:48 BST 2012

On 07/16/2012 07:06 PM, Duncan wrote:
> Doug posted on Mon, 16 Jul 2012 18:32:33 -0400 as excerpted:
>> On 07/16/2012 04:27 PM, Hans Muecke wrote:
>>> Am 16.07.2012 15:20, schrieb Doug:
>>>> I hope this message falls within the scope of the guidelines you
>>>> published.
>>>> I want to convert to the KDE version for Windows.  However, I want to
>>>> be absolutely sure I can get back, if it doesn't work out. (There is a
>>>> program that was very difficult to install, and I don't want to ever
>>>> have to do it again!  As well as other paid programs.) In order to do
>>>> that, I would like to copy the entire Windows partition to an external
>>>> drive. On the Windows system,
>>>> the drive contains Win 7 plus pclos in dual-boot configuration.  Can I
>>>> do (from the Linux partition) dd if=sda1 of=sdb and, if that is
>>>> correct, would the external drive be bootable?
>>>> If not correct, I hope that some kind soul reading this will correct
>>>> me!  Thanx!
>>> <yoda>   Dark the meaning of your posting is.</yoda>
>>> What exactly are you wanna do? Use KDE unter 7?
>> Yes.  I understand that you can load KDE on Windows 7.  I'm tired of
>> looking for things under the Windows GUI that MS decided I'm too stupid
>> to find.
> I haven't done MS for over a decade and I couldn't legally even if I
> wanted to, since I can't agree to the EULA so they give me no permission
> to run the software, so I don't know anything about KDE on MS from
> personal experience, but from what I've read...
> The full kde desktop environment is not available on MS, as it has its
> own desktop environment.  What's available are certain individual apps,
> ported to run on MS platforms, but they continue to run under the normal
> MSWormOS GUI, not the kde desktop environment you'd find on *ix.
> Basically, as qt runs on MS, they're simply qt apps, with an extra
> library (dll on MS) or two providing the necessary base kde functionality.
> I don't know enough about it to know what particular apps are ported, but
> it doesn't appear that's what you're after anyway.  You appear to be
> after the kde environment, on MS, and that's not available.
I have just looked at the website, and looked thru
a whole set of screen shots.  It looks to me like you DO wind up with
a KDE desktop and most of the KDE aps that I have in Linux.  Of
course, maybe not all of them work, I don't know. Specifically, it does
look as if Dolphin is there, and card games, but I couldn't verify the
Find Files/Find Folders app.

So back to the first question: can I back up the entire Windows partition
using the method I suggested, or must I do something else?  I do
intend to try KDE on Windows, but I'd like to have a belt and suspenders,


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