Why I (almost) stayed with KMail

Bob Williams linux at barrowhillfarm.org.uk
Sun Jul 1 17:52:37 BST 2012

On 01/07/12 15:02, J wrote:
> One Kmail problem that I haven't seen mentioned on here is probably only of
> interest to very high volume email users and that' s speed. It seems it's much
> slower than it used to be and that drove this particular user away. This cropped
> up on a local linux mailing list that I use from time to time. If I'm away for a
> week I sometimes get  100 plus emails in one download. I would say that takes
> around 2 sec to pass through up to 10 filters. Seems fine to me but many will
> only pass through a couple of filters.

Sometimes you can speed things up by changing the order of filters, so
that frequent triggers occur earlier in the sorting mechanism. As an
example, spam/virus filters don't generally need to run on mailing
lists, so your filters could be ordered: mailing lists, spam/virus
filters, the rest.

Bob Williams
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