Why I (almost) stayed with KMail

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Out of interest I am not a trivial email user. I run 8 additional folders and a
number of filters plus archive folders and 6 identities. I've already mentioned
which kmail I use. From these posts it looks like I will have to tread carefully
when I upgrade which will probably be around next Xmas. Maybe sooner. Much
depend on what comments I find on the web. Bug reporting "stable" releases is a
useful thing to do. It sometimes even produces results and I do my best in that
respect. I'm toying with the idea of attacking samba.org. :-) Must stick to the

I did have problems importing my early email and address book but it turned out
to be me. The only serious problem is the anomaly between filter email address
checking and address book checking. I did mention that back in 3 and was told
filters aren't meant to be used like that. Clearly anyone who thinks that
doesn't communicate with one or two people that I do and also doesn't realise
how useful name tag changes can be. As a for instance they can be used to expand
the usability of a single email address where the package allows that.

One Kmail problem that I haven't seen mentioned on here is probably only of
interest to very high volume email users and that' s speed. It seems it's much
slower than it used to be and that drove this particular user away. This cropped
up on a local linux mailing list that I use from time to time. If I'm away for a
week I sometimes get  100 plus emails in one download. I would say that takes
around 2 sec to pass through up to 10 filters. Seems fine to me but many will
only pass through a couple of filters.


  I average over 5000 Email PER DAY (including spam) to my roll accounts
(postmaster@, abuse@, webmaster@ 100's of domains) that require me to not use
the automatic spam-filters provided by the ISP I work for.  I use claws-mail and
reverse-filter.  I also have 10+ years of email archives.  

  What I do is I filter the GOOD email into folder and leave the junk in the
inbox to be scanned by hand after the good email has been properly dealt with.
This same system use 4 separate IMAP-based email accounts to bring in this
supertanker of email dumps.  Claws mail works well for this, with one exception.
The IMAP I/O is slow when deleting/moving or otherwise updating the server email
folders.  After doing a little debugging it stems from claws-mail insistence on
re-reading the mail folder after each step, (ie set flags, read mailbox; purge
mailbox, read mailbox; update headers, read mailbox; etc).  It adds about 2-3
seconds after each action.  My solution is to do things in bulk whenever

  I don't filter on the address book itself, as I keep my main address book in
my head and not on the computer. I don't know if claws-mail can or can't do this
and for me it doesn't matter.  


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