Why I (almost) stayed with KMail

Peter Lewis lewisp at avex.co.uk
Sun Jul 1 17:31:17 BST 2012

On Sunday 01 Jul 2012 04:16:00 John Woodhouse wrote:
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> > On 30/06/12 09:14, Martin (KDE) wrote:
> >>  Na, thunderbird is more than a toy. The basic functions in TBird
> >>  are limited, but that's what add-ons are for. These automatic
> >>  filter stuff on folders (not as great as kmails) is hidden in an
> >>  additional add-on called "Folder Account".
> > 
> > This also allows folders to be associated with identities, as well as
> > a few other folder-specific tweaks.  Very useful.
> > 
> > Anne
> Out of interest I am not a trivial email user. I run 8 additional folders
> and a number of filters plus archive folders and 6 identities. I've already
> mentioned which kmail I use. From these posts it looks like I will have to
> tread carefully when I upgrade which will probably be around next Xmas.
> Maybe sooner. Much depend on what comments I find on the web. Bug reporting
> "stable" releases is a useful thing to do. It sometimes even produces
> results and I do my best in that respect. I'm toying with the idea of
> attacking samba.org. :-) Must stick to the topic.

I have been watching this discussion and most interesting it is.

When kmail started playing up for me, I am on 4.7.2 OpenSuse package, I took 
the opportunity to set up my own imap server, cyrus, and to use sieve to 
filter my mail into folders on the server.
This has worked for me and kmail has a good sieve editor. For those filter 
actions and my multiple identities I still use kmail but the removal of the 
rather large array of filters has allowed kmail to run well enough.

Anyone else tried this setup?

All the best,
Peter Lewis
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