Why I (almost) stayed with KMail

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> On 30/06/12 09:14, Martin (KDE) wrote:
>>  Na, thunderbird is more than a toy. The basic functions in TBird
>>  are limited, but that's what add-ons are for. These automatic
>>  filter stuff on folders (not as great as kmails) is hidden in an
>>  additional add-on called "Folder Account".
> This also allows folders to be associated with identities, as well as
> a few other folder-specific tweaks.  Very useful.
> Anne
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Out of interest I am not a trivial email user. I run 8 additional folders and a number of filters plus archive folders and 6 identities. I've already mentioned which kmail I use. From these posts it looks like I will have to tread carefully when I upgrade which will probably be around next Xmas. Maybe sooner. Much depend on what comments I find on the web. Bug reporting "stable" releases is a useful thing to do. It sometimes even produces results and I do my best in that respect. I'm toying with the idea of attacking samba.org. :-) Must stick to the topic.

I did have problems importing my early email and address book but it turned out to be me. The only serious problem is the anomaly between filter email address checking and address book checking. I did mention that back in 3 and was told filters aren't meant to be used like that. Clearly anyone who thinks that doesn't communicate with one or two people that I do and also doesn't realise how useful name tag changes can be. As a for instance they can be used to expand the usability of a single email address where the package allows that.

One Kmail problem that I haven't seen mentioned on here is probably only of interest to very high volume email users and that' s speed. It seems it's much slower than it used to be and that drove this particular user away. This cropped up on a local linux mailing list that I use from time to time. If I'm away for a week I sometimes get  100 plus emails in one download. I would say that takes around 2 sec to pass through up to 10 filters. Seems fine to me but many will only pass through a couple of filters.

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