Why I (almost) stayed with KMail

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Sun Jul 1 07:56:36 BST 2012

Jörg Stadermann posted on Sat, 30 Jun 2012 09:43:35 +0200 as excerpted:

> At this point desperation set in. It seemed , there wasn't a feasible
> replacement for kmail, which would suit my needs.
> Enter claws-mails: It's not pretty, some of it's configuration seems a
> bit odd, PIM  is limited to a vCalendar-plugin, but it's doing the job.
> There's nothing I did in kmail I can't do in claws-mail and I guess
> there are a lot of things it can do that kmail doesn't. And yes, you can
> use vim as editor ;-)

> So if you're looking for a kmail replacement, have a look at claws-mail.
> For me it seems to be the best option for kmail power users.

As regulars already know, I've been recommending claws-mail for anyone 
having problems with kmail, as well.  I'm a very happy user! =:^)

There /is/ however at least one thing that I did in kmail, that I 
couldn't find a built-in or existing helper-script replacement for, for 
claws.  Mostly as a debugging aid, back on kmail, I had all my filters 
set to insert a custom header, X-kmail-filter: labeled with the name of 
the filter, so I could see which of my many anti-spam filters, for 
instance, sent something to the trash folder, if I decided I wanted to 
save such messages.

As I said, I couldn't figure out how to do that on claws, either built-in 
or with the existing helper-scripts (tools section on the website).  But 
being reasonably proficient with bash, I quickly found a script on the 
website that did something similar (I think it added a timestamp header), 
and modified it to add the header fed to it as a commandline parameter, 
to the message file also fed to it as a commandline parameter.

So the other day, after someone else migrating from kmail reminded me 
about it, I sent that script in to the claws-mail folks, and got a reply 
saying it should be added shortly (tho I don't see it yet).  

claws-addheader is its name, when it's added, or if you're interested 
before it's added to the site, ask and I can mail it to you.

Meanwhile, it's worth noting that there's another qt4-based mail client 
available, "trojita",  but it ONLY does IMAP, not POP3 (which all my 
providers use, so I couldn't run it here unless I setup my own IMAP 
server), and is reasonably new and thus likely a bit immature as yet.  
But if you're on IMAP so /can/ use it, it might be worth checking out at 


(For gentooers, it's in-tree as mail-client/trojita.)

If claws-mail hadn't worked for me for some reason, I was thinking about 
setting up an IMAP server (perhaps dovecot), and trying trojita.  But I 
decided to try claws-mail first, and it was just about the perfect match 
for me, so I never did do the IMAP thing and thus didn't get to try 

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