How to Build for/on KDE?

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Jacky Alcine posted on Sat, 01 Dec 2012 13:48:09 -0500 as excerpted:

> Hello list,
> This might be a bit of a silly question, but I'm curious about the
> procedure as to how one would go about building out their own custom
> version of the KDE platform.
> I'm looking to get all of the following applications (since I don't know
> the repository locations):
> * plasma * kwin * kdesettings * rekonq * choqok * kdepim * the power
> management tool * the screen saver tool
> I'm doing this largely so I can help with bug fixing and testing and
> also work on helping make the system better. I'm a big KDE user but I
> haven't fully converted in terms of development (I know C++ using
> stdlibs, Qt, and Boost so I'm hoping this is enough, and I know other
> languages like Python,
> Ruby and JavaScript).

Looks like you haven't read about techbase[1] yet.  Paralleling the 
userbase which is for end user information, techbase has a whole host of 
resources for both the sysadmin and developer, including information 
about setting up your own development environment, sources availability, 
etc.  Spend some time reading up there, and come back with any questions 
you have after that.  Kevin K's the kde dev that hangs out here the most, 
so he'll probably be the one answering any questions beyond what's 
covered there, but it should go quite a long way toward getting you 
started, anyway.

Meanwhile, I'm a gentooer[3] and it's simple enough here.  Just install 
layman to manage overlays if you don't have it installed already, then 
install the gentoo/kde overlay in layman.  That gives you access to all 
the kde releases (and pre-releases, I'm currently running 4.10-beta1, aka 
4.9.80, 4.10-beta2 should be out on Dec 5[2]) before they show up in the 
main gentoo tree, as well as live ebuilds for both current branch and 
master that pull direct from upstream kde git/svn.  The gentoo/kde 
project is one of the largest and most active projects in gentoo. =:^)


[2] As might be expected, kde's feature plans and release schedules are 
on techbase.  4.10-beta1 was released about on schedule on Nov 21 (tho I 
think it was the 22nd when I read about it here), and beta2's scheduled 
release is Wed. Dec 5.


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