How to Build for/on KDE?

Jacky Alcine jacky.alcine at
Sat Dec 1 18:48:09 GMT 2012

Hello list,

This might be a bit of a silly question, but I'm curious about the
procedure as to how one would go about building out their own custom
version of the KDE platform.

I'm looking to get all of the following applications (since I don't know
the repository locations):

* plasma
* kwin
* kdesettings
* rekonq
* choqok
* kdepim
* the power management tool
* the screen saver tool

I'm doing this largely so I can help with bug fixing and testing and also
work on helping make the system better. I'm a big KDE user but I haven't
fully converted in terms of development (I know C++ using stdlibs, Qt, and
Boost so I'm hoping this is enough, and I know other languages like Python,
Ruby and JavaScript).

Thanks in advance.


 *Synthetic Intellect Institute*
Mr. Jacky Alcine, Trustee
*One Vision, One Purpose* 
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