How to install KDE 4.9 on Debian Squeeze

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Tue Aug 21 13:33:52 BST 2012

On Monday 20 August 2012 20:11:22 Mirosław Zalewski wrote:
> On 20/08/2012 at 19:02, andre_debian at wrote:
> > Actually, on Wheezy (unstable) the package KDE = 4.9 or less ?

> On both Wheezy and unstable there are 4.8.4 packages. Wheezy will ship with
> it [0], and due to Debian freeze policy, we won't see 4.9 in unstable.
> It may end up in semi-official repository [1] sometime during a freeze, but
> it has never been confirmed (I wouldn't count on it). It has been confirmed
> that KDEPIM from 4.8.4 will be packaged [2] - look at it in this external
> repository or in experimental.
> If you need to use KDE 4.9, you may:
> - compile it yourself. Perhaps upgrade to Wheezy before, since it has newer
> Qt and Qt development packages available.
> - use another distribution. Kubuntu is Ubuntu-based (which, in turn, is
> Debian-based), so it has administrative tools you should be familiar with.
> There are also openSUSE, Arch, Gentoo and many others that has KDE 4.9
> available.
> [0]
> [1]
> [2]

Thanks Miroslaw,

Ubuntu offers the possibility to upgrade
or install KDE 4.9 easily, not Debian ... !
I will see to migrate to Ubuntu.

I tried to compile the package KDE 4.9,
success with QT, some packages "dev",
and, at a moment, the system asks for some
"kde-headers" (?) ... without more precision :
blocked !

I need KDE 4.9, because I use Kmail
and the bugs have been resolved
with the 4.9 version.

I hope that Wheezy will be prompted released
or avalaible even in testing ...

Now I use TDE (Trinity Desktop Environment),
seems to be KDE 3.X and works good even kmail.

See you.

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