Playing around with Kubuntu 12.04 beta

Hans Muecke kde at
Sun Apr 8 17:27:33 BST 2012

Installed Kubuntu 12.04 LTS Beta on one of my machines (Asus EeePC) to get 
some ideas about the look and feel. 
Instzalled everything ... configured the desktop like I want it to have it. 
System said it needed to reboot. Did that and after the next login I ended up 
with this: (sorry for the tilted pic)

Whatever I knew about changing the desktop looks I tried ... to no avail. I 
don't get the classic desktop back. Any hints are much appreciated, since to 
me personally it is not usable.

Thanks in advance. 
Talk to you later ... Hans (152 to go)
2012/04/08 15:50
EDDS 081550Z VRB03KT CAVOK 05/M09 Q1014 NOSIG
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