Dolphin search anomalies KDE 4.6.0

Kevin Krammer krammer at
Sat Apr 7 19:07:28 BST 2012

On Saturday, 2012-04-07, John Woodhouse wrote:
> Have to forgive me here Keven but having checked the 2 konq looks to be the
> same as dolphin and just presented in a different way but dolphin has a
> file search and konq has bookmarks and I can open text files into another
> tab with it.

The two programs use the same view engine for displaying and interacting with 
directories and files, however everything around that is diffferent.
E.g. Konqueror uses a standard browser address input while Dolphin uses 
breadcrum hints by default.

Konqueror can do vertical and horizontal view splits, separate views can be 
linked (changing path in one changes path in all linked ones), etc., while 
Dolphin has all kinds of useful sidebars or docks.

> File bookmarks don't work in my case. Do they in any version?
> I have my doubts.

Work fine here:
konqueror --version
Qt: 4.7.4
KDE: 4.6.5 (4.6.5)
Konqueror: 4.6.5 (4.6.5)

I tried a directory bookmark, one for a text file and one for an image file. All 
worked as expected.

> As to the 2 being really different I think you must have your tongue in
> your cheek really.

They share code for some things, but they have a different philosophy on the 
general UI.

> I have because I'm not convinced konq could ever
> bookmark files else why did I use kate.

Where you add your bookmarks might depend on the workflow associated with the 
bookmarked things.
E.g. if your workflow it to start Kate and then browse for the files to edit, 
then having the file bookmarked in Kate fits better than bookmarking in in 
If your workflow is to browse to the file using a file manager and then start 
Kate by clicking on the file, bookmarking the directory the file is in would 
probably be more efficient.

> In 2 modes actually normal and su
> mode.  What would be super cool (60's jargon) would to be to add file
> bookmarks that simply went to them and highlighted them where ever they
> are

Yes, that sounds useful. Currently a bookmarked file is opened, i.e. the 
bookmark works like clicking the file, not just selecting it.

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