Dolphin search anomalies KDE 4.6.0

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Sat Apr 7 18:18:30 BST 2012

Have to forgive me here Keven but having checked the 2 konq looks to be the same as dolphin and just presented in a different way but dolphin has a file search and konq has bookmarks and I can open text files into another tab with it. File bookmarks don't work in my case. Do they in any version? I have my doubts.

Konq is so similar to dolphin I can understand why certain people describe it as a window not an application. I haven't much time for people who blindly resist change just because it doesn't work in exactly the same way as it did - selections etc but as things stand there isn't much point in having the 2 apps except for people like that and as it is they will still be unhappy. :-) Must admit I did like Konq with full feature viewing and complained, a natural reaction. One app doing all is handy once some one has got used to the idea but dolphin previews and ok has to launch an app to actually view - big deal really for anyone who views such changes sensibly. Konq also launches and ap if I open a video in another tab. Text, pictures and pdf are ok but the latter takes time to load. A bit too long really. Trying to do that with all viewable files could understandably be a rather difficult option given the variations.

Kitting out dolphin with a file search is a sensible place to put it and it's not exactly intrusive. What makes no sense what so ever is not making the results function in the same way as a normal file view mode does.

As to the 2 being really different I think you must have your tongue in your cheek really. I have because I'm not convinced konq could ever bookmark files else why did I use kate. In 2 modes actually normal and su mode.  What would be super cool (60's jargon) would to be to add file bookmarks that simply went to them and highlighted them where ever they are ( or were but web pages have that problem too= error message) Click launch , right click open with . su mode etc. People who have m8's etc who crop up on k - dumb - unbuto from time to time could even bookmark there current favourite video's etc or what ever else that they have probably illegally down loaded and use what ever app they liked to view it. Fortunately just about every one on the planet over the age of about 2 1/2 knows what bookmarks are. It could also be used to bookmark folders - duplication I know but why not. Less frequently used ones maybe but some would remove the panel. That
 aspect makes me think that the code is already mostly there really.

:-) Apologies to any of the ubunto school - just that I tried it and found out it crippled root fine for people who want to cripple a lot of people in an office. I also nosed around a fair few forums. I had a feeling that the typical users had changed some what. All to the good really. The more the better.

In the meantime or for ever I suppose I will have to use the old file search facility. :-) I found the dolphin one by accident really, just clicking on edit to see what was there many months after having upgraded from 3 to 4. Looks to me like konq could get a search and bookmarks too for those that like the tabs and split views etc. Wow I just found that dolphin has them too - fibbing a bit there I already knew. It's a nice piece of software really but the search results fiasco is clearly a silly omission.


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>>  if it has happened but that would be a useful step up from Konq. I also
>>  thought that the general idea was to replace konq with dolphin.
> It is more an addition, i.e. having a file managment only application available 
> additional to the "graphical shell" Konqueror.
> Konqueror with all its modes and settings specific for certain modes is mainly 
> addressing the needs of a type of user who like to have a wide range of 
> options at hand at all times.
> Other users prefer simple tools even it that means not being able to do things 
> a certain way.
> One of the options to solve this was to create another Konqueror mode that, 
> when activated, would lock down some of the application's capabilities.
> In the end the option to create a new and dedicated application was chosen 
> instead for various reasons (additional and very committed developers, not 
> needing to add complexity to an already quite complex application, etc).
> The "replacing" part of the whole change only applies to the default 
> setting, 
> i.e. which of the two application's is registered as the default file 
> manager.
> This registration can of course be changed or Konqueror can be used by choice 
> if it fits a user's workflow or mental patterns better.
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