Dolphin search anomalies KDE 4.6.0

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at
Fri Apr 6 19:02:49 BST 2012

John Woodhouse posted on Fri, 06 Apr 2012 04:53:20 -0700 as excerpted:

> Anyway I decided to look at a couple of old discs to see if there was
> anything I needed on them. Just browsing through files seems to be ok. I
> can launch them. Bit tedious going through that again so I decided to
> use dolphin search. First problem is that the search wouldn't accept
> multiple terms eg *.pdf;*.djvu so they have to be entered separately.
> The second problem was that having found them I couldn't do anything
> with them. Try to launch and nothing happens at all. Try to copy paste,
> move to or drag drop and a file doesn't exist msg comes up.

As you mentioned may be the case, dolphin has had a lot of work done to 
it in recent releases.  Both 4.7 and 4.8 had dolphin changes and I know 
search was among them.  I don't use dolphin enough personally to track 
the changes closely, but do recall being distinctly surprised when I 
opened it at one point, probably when I was running one of the 4.8 pre-
releases, as it just seemed far more usable than I remembered it being.

Also note that it's possible to set konqueror as your file manager of 
choice, if you prefer.  That's in kde settings, workspace..., default 

> Another odd aspect is that I can only find all of them as root. I assume
> this is because the disk contains one of my old home directories.
> Searching as none root does bring some up though.

It's likely that the UID numbers on the old disk are different, even if 
the usernames were the same.  Same thing possible with groups.  It should 
be possible, as root, to do a recursive chown from somewhere in the 
mounted filesystem tree of the old disk, as appropriate.  I remember 
having to do that when switching from Mandrake to Gentoo, since the user 
and group ID numbers weren't the same between them.

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