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Wed Apr 4 04:48:31 BST 2012

On Tuesday, April 03, 2012 11:45:15 PM Duncan did opine:

> gene heskett posted on Tue, 03 Apr 2012 16:39:38 -0400 as excerpted:
> > On Tuesday, April 03, 2012 04:22:29 PM Anne Wilson did opine:
> >> On 03/04/12 10:36, gene heskett wrote:
> >> > It did work, it burnt the bios update as requested.  And its
> >> > 10,000% easier to type k3b in a user terminal than it is to wade
> >> > through the menu's and find it, under archivers of all places.
> >> 
> >> You seem to have missed out on a very useful tool - instead of wading
> >> through a menu, hit alt+F2 to bring up krunner, then type in "k3b" -
> >> I rarely touch menus these days.
> >> 
> >> Anne
> > 
> > Perhaps Anne, but when I already have a dozen or more terminals open
> > its a lot easier.  Besides, terminal screens were invented decades
> > before PARC invented the mouse plus its a long reach to hit alt+F2
> > for these short fingered hands.  What happens if I have a cup of
> > coffee in the other hand &
> > no quick and dirty place to park it while I use both hands to span
> > that distance?
> > 
> > Yeah, I'm a Senior Citizen, now where is the discount? ;-)
> FWIW, I reassigned many such keys to winkey-modified shortcuts, here,
> altho for that specific one and a few others, I took advantage of the
> fact that I have an inet/media keyboard with a few extra keys (main
> system), and reassigned one of those to krunner.  (On the netbook, it's
> assigned a winkey-modified shortcut, IDR which as I've not used it
> recently.)
> KDE settings, Common Appearance and Behavior, Shortcuts and Gestures,
> Global Keyboard Shortcuts, then in the KDE component dropdown, select
> Run Command Interface, then from the shortcut listing, Run Command.  As
> others have stated it's Alt-F2 by default, but you can set it to
> something nice and convenient like meta-space (meta being the winkey),
> or ctrl-space, or whatever you find easy to remember and convenient to
> type.
> Or if your keyboard has extra keys, as my main machine's keyboard does,
> you can try setting the shortcut to one of them, as I did.
> > Did you block my diatribe about the busted bugzilla?  I don't
> > appreciate that a bit, how is it ever going to get fixed if no one
> > sees the bitching?
> I seem to see it, here on gmane.org, so it seems it hit the list.
> FWIW, I'd just choose a different handle here.  I usually use "Duncan"
> and AFAIK that's what I'm registered as on kde's bugzy, but if that's
> taken or whatever, I'll often either pre-or-suffix that with the site or
> reason I'm likely to be there.  For instance on kdelook, I had to take
> (IIRC, not doublechecked) KDEDuncan, and on slashdot, I was/am
> slash.duncan (tho I've not been there in awhile as I had to do some
> timewise reprioritizing and my slashdot ended up on the cutting room
> floor, as they say).
> Something like that's better than Duncan2456 or whatever... and my
> style's strong enough it's likely people will recognize it anyway,
> especially with "Duncan" somewhere in the name.
> Meanwhile, given that the March 30 deadline is passed, it's likely
> you're now locked out forever, since you can't use the password reset
> as it's a long-lost address, and they've locked you out until it is
> used...  So it looks like you have little choice but to choose a new
> handle, now.  Or simply refuse to use it.  I guess it's up to you.

Well, since I obviously DIDN'T get that email, its a shrug to me, I have 
done what I could by reporting the bug to this list, its the only choice I 
have.  If I have to choose a new handle, I can warrant that it WILL make a 

Cheers, Gene
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