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Wed Apr 4 10:20:54 BST 2012

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On 03/04/12 21:39, gene heskett wrote:
> Did you block my diatribe about the busted bugzilla?  I don't
> appreciate that a bit, how is it ever going to get fixed if no one
> sees the bitching?
Perhaps because you are the only one seeing such problems.

> People ARE going to jump ship for a better ISP from time to time
> and we need a method to facilitate the cleanups that will still
> work AFTER any email forwarding grace period has expired, and which
> are currently blocking my use of it.  I can't open a new account
> because I'm already known, and I can't use the old account because
> my email addy has changed.  Ergo, to me its busted, fix it!  By
> deleting any and all references to me from the /etc/passwd file on
> the bz server, or where ever the heck bz keeps that stuff.  Then I
> might be able to open a new account and file bug reports.

I had no problem whatsoever when I changed ISP.  If you really want to
get your problem sorted, try going to forum.kde.org and ask there.
Some sysadmins read the forum, and would probably be able to tell you
why you have a problem.  I have seen only one person before having a
similar problem and they sorted it for him - I can't recall what the
cause was.

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