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gene heskett posted on Tue, 03 Apr 2012 16:39:38 -0400 as excerpted:

> On Tuesday, April 03, 2012 04:22:29 PM Anne Wilson did opine:
>> On 03/04/12 10:36, gene heskett wrote:
>> > It did work, it burnt the bios update as requested.  And its 10,000%
>> > easier to type k3b in a user terminal than it is to wade through the
>> > menu's and find it, under archivers of all places.
>> You seem to have missed out on a very useful tool - instead of wading
>> through a menu, hit alt+F2 to bring up krunner, then type in "k3b" - I
>> rarely touch menus these days.
>> Anne
> Perhaps Anne, but when I already have a dozen or more terminals open its
> a lot easier.  Besides, terminal screens were invented decades before
> PARC invented the mouse plus its a long reach to hit alt+F2 for these
> short fingered hands.  What happens if I have a cup of coffee in the
> other hand &
> no quick and dirty place to park it while I use both hands to span that
> distance?
> Yeah, I'm a Senior Citizen, now where is the discount? ;-)

FWIW, I reassigned many such keys to winkey-modified shortcuts, here, 
altho for that specific one and a few others, I took advantage of the 
fact that I have an inet/media keyboard with a few extra keys (main 
system), and reassigned one of those to krunner.  (On the netbook, it's 
assigned a winkey-modified shortcut, IDR which as I've not used it 

KDE settings, Common Appearance and Behavior, Shortcuts and Gestures, 
Global Keyboard Shortcuts, then in the KDE component dropdown, select Run 
Command Interface, then from the shortcut listing, Run Command.  As 
others have stated it's Alt-F2 by default, but you can set it to 
something nice and convenient like meta-space (meta being the winkey), or 
ctrl-space, or whatever you find easy to remember and convenient to type.

Or if your keyboard has extra keys, as my main machine's keyboard does, 
you can try setting the shortcut to one of them, as I did.

> Did you block my diatribe about the busted bugzilla?  I don't appreciate
> that a bit, how is it ever going to get fixed if no one sees the
> bitching?

I seem to see it, here on gmane.org, so it seems it hit the list.

FWIW, I'd just choose a different handle here.  I usually use "Duncan" 
and AFAIK that's what I'm registered as on kde's bugzy, but if that's 
taken or whatever, I'll often either pre-or-suffix that with the site or 
reason I'm likely to be there.  For instance on kdelook, I had to take 
(IIRC, not doublechecked) KDEDuncan, and on slashdot, I was/am 
slash.duncan (tho I've not been there in awhile as I had to do some 
timewise reprioritizing and my slashdot ended up on the cutting room 
floor, as they say).

Something like that's better than Duncan2456 or whatever... and my 
style's strong enough it's likely people will recognize it anyway, 
especially with "Duncan" somewhere in the name.

Meanwhile, given that the March 30 deadline is passed, it's likely you're 
now locked out forever, since you can't use the password reset as it's a 
long-lost address, and they've locked you out until it is used...  So it 
looks like you have little choice but to choose a new handle, now.  Or 
simply refuse to use it.  I guess it's up to you.

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