Kmail2/Akonadi issue on FreeBSD.

J janus at
Tue Nov 29 20:11:31 GMT 2011

gene heskett
> On Tuesday, November 29, 2011 02:43:56 PM J did opine:
>> gene heskett
>> > On Tuesday, November 29, 2011 01:38:04 PM Duncan did opine:
>> >> Maybe someday an independent kde dev will come along and start a
>> >> "just does X" client for each of those three Xs.  Maybe not.  If I'm
>> >> lucky, tho, they'll be started right away, and be reasonably mature
>> >> and ready for use when claws jumps the shark like kmail did, tho
>> >> hopefully that won't be for a decade or longer, if ever.
>> >
>> > Interesting that you say claws, but this post came from the pan
>> > newsreader according to its headers.  It pointed out also that I need
>> > to apparently increase the number of copies of spamd I have running
>> > as it failed on the first call getting an X-Nasty-aren't-we inserted
>> > by procmail.  Local stuffs.
>> >
>> > What I would like to do is start a conversation with someone who has
>> > bailed
>> > on kmail & went to claws, and see just how hard it would be to convert
>> > my box to that, including the importation of the whole, several
>> > Gigabyte, some
>> > of it now approaching 10 years old, kmail email corpus into claws.
>> > All the
>> > while continuing with my present fetchmail based system to deliver the
>> > filtered email into /var/spool/mail/gene.
>> I just did that.  I tried to upgrade to kmail2 and it spectacularly
>> failed.  I switched to claws, based on Duncan's recommendation.  I'm
>> surprised I haven't been using it for some time.
>> > Like others, the ^#$%& churn in kmail's "accessory" tie-ins, without
>> > ever fixing its most glaring fault, the lack of multi-threading
>> > vis-a-vis mail fetching, is beginning to get under my skin.
>> Claws doesn't multi-thread well either.
>> > This of course is off topic from the OP's subject line, sorry.  Humm,
>> > no I'm not, come to think of it, kde needs to better understand the
>> > users viewpoint on stuff like this, and this is after all the kde
>> > (the whole maryann) mailing list.
>> >
>> > I have a lot of claws installed already, so the first thing is to
>> > import the kmail email corpus into claws.  And on that point, I have
>> > no clue, but would assume the right search terms might find a tut on
>> > the web.  My feeble  efforts haven't found it yet though.
>> I cheated.  I set up an imap server on localhost, pointed it to my kMail
>> Maildir and then just did a drag and drop into the Claws MH mailstore.
>> Then I uninstalled the imap server.
> Claws apparently does only mailfile operations, whereas I have 3/4ths of
> the kmail "cur" subdirs as maildirs.
> I was thinking that I could maybe do a "cpa cur/* /var/mail/gene" and then
> have claws read it just as if it was incoming mail.
> Would that, or a similar idea work?
> Thanks.

To convert a Maildir you either need to convert the mail files into mbox
format (I don't recommend this, the scripts I tried were almost as bad as
kMail2) or put in a temporary install of an IMAP server and rename Folder
to .Folder within the Maildir to get the imap server to see them.

It took me about 20 minutes to install, configure, convert, and uninstall.
 I had about 7 years of old email to move over.  Hardest part was
configuring cyrus-IMAP to see the Maildir (one config item under


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