Kmail2/Akonadi issue on FreeBSD.

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Tue Nov 29 18:58:11 GMT 2011

On Tuesday, November 29, 2011 01:38:04 PM Duncan did opine:

> Martin (KDE) posted on Tue, 29 Nov 2011 07:44:18 +0100 as excerpted:
> > I had similar problems about ten years ago and my solution to this was
> > setting up an imap mail server. With this I do all my filtering on the
> > server and I am free to use any client I want
> > - kmail and thunderbird on linux
> > - thunderbird on windows
> > - k9mail on android
> > - native mail program on ipod-touch
> > - any other imap aware client you can think of
> Well, the OP in this thread is using IMAP and the new kmail is still
> causing him problems...
> > All these clients gets the same filtered mails. Isn't this an option
> > for you?
> Yes and no.  My mail providers don't offer it, and I could run my own,
> but there's little point, as I don't have but the one place I do mail
> anyway, and even if I did run my own IMAP server, I'd still have to find
> a mail client I was comfortable with to access that IMAP server from the
> one location, so why even bother, when a good mail client bypasses the
> need for me to run such a server entirely?
> OK, so after nearly a decade of kmail working just fine as that mail
> client, until the devs decided they couldn't leave well enough alone, I
> found I needed another solution.  But again, if I'm ultimately going to
> need a client I'm comfortable with anyway, why complicate things by
> throwing in an IMAP server when the client I'm going to need to be
> comfortable with anyway can deal directly with my providers' POP3
> servers?
> Actually, throwing in extra functionality I don't need and that only
> complicates things sounds like a rather familiar idea!  I wonder where I
> might have heard that before?  Oh, yeah, that's why I was in the
> situation in the first place, because the devs couldn't leave an
> unbroken kmail unbroken!
> Oh, well, I guess I should count myself lucky that I got that nine years
> out of it.  Not so much software works that well for that long, and if
> claws-mail serves me another nine years, I guess I'll be as happy with
> the lengthy usefulness of my choice as I am currently with its
> functional practicality. =:^)
> > Btw: I once tried claws-mail as well, but this program did not fit my
> > needs. I currently use SOGo as groupware server besides my cyrus imap
> > server and afaik only thunderbird and kmail2 are able to handle
> > CalDAV/CardDAV correctly (on Linux). I no longer want to handle
> > addresses and appointments in different programs separately.
> My situation is /vastly/ different from yours.  Mobile phone and/or
> internet simply hasn't yet fit my cost/benefit profile, and the
> proprietary equipment choices don't help.  Android's close enough to be
> acceptable if the price was right, but as I said, I've not yet seen it
> right, and unfortunately, the mobile-providers are moving away from
> unlimited Internet again now, so the situation isn't likely to get
> better out to at least the medium term.
> And while I do have a netbook (gentoo/kde, built in a 32-bit chroot on
> my workstation and ssh-rsynced), I really don't use the "net" bit of
> it. Very close to 100% of my internet activities are on my workstation,
> dual 1080p monitors, etc, so I really DO have little use for IMAP. 
> Sure, I could run an IMAP server on localhost, but as I said, it's all
> single- point local anyway, so it might as well all be in the client,
> which I'm going to have to be comfortable with in any case.
> And I don't need an organizer/scheduler/calendar/groupware/nntp-client/
> feed-reader/mail-client/im/irc-client/singing-baboons/dancing-monkeys-al
> l- in-one!  In fact, I don't need an organizer/scheduler at all, and I'm
> more comfortable with async-style email, mailinglists and newsgroups
> than sync-style im/irc, so I don't need those, either.  I do use email,
> mailinglists, newsgroups and feeds, but I prefer separate clients or at
> least separate instances of the same client, for each of mail, lists,
> groups and feeds.  As it happens, I now have separate instances of
> claws for mail and feeds, and separate instances of pan for news and
> lists, so I'm pretty well set.
> Some folks /want/ it all combined, as in konact, and that's fine... for
> them.  But it's not for me!
> It's just too bad that kde now lacks a reasonable mail-only client (and
> news-only client and feeds-only client, all three, but SEPARATE), even
> if independently developed, without the heavyweight cost in terms of
> resources, reliability and single-failure-point of akonadi.  I do
> understand the idea of shared functionality and reduced code
> duplication, and for folks who want it all combined in one interface
> and can tolerate the single-point-of-failure and reliability issues,
> whether that's because they use server-based technologies or whatever,
> akonadi and kontact may be WONDERFUL.  But here, I just want my simple
> to use and reliable separate apps back!
> Maybe someday an independent kde dev will come along and start a "just
> does X" client for each of those three Xs.  Maybe not.  If I'm lucky,
> tho, they'll be started right away, and be reasonably mature and ready
> for use when claws jumps the shark like kmail did, tho hopefully that
> won't be for a decade or longer, if ever.

Interesting that you say claws, but this post came from the pan newsreader 
according to its headers.  It pointed out also that I need to apparently 
increase the number of copies of spamd I have running as it failed on the 
first call getting an X-Nasty-aren't-we inserted by procmail.  Local 

What I would like to do is start a conversation with someone who has bailed 
on kmail & went to claws, and see just how hard it would be to convert my 
box to that, including the importation of the whole, several Gigabyte, some 
of it now approaching 10 years old, kmail email corpus into claws.  All the 
while continuing with my present fetchmail based system to deliver the 
filtered email into /var/spool/mail/gene.

Like others, the ^#$%& churn in kmail's "accessory" tie-ins, without ever 
fixing its most glaring fault, the lack of multi-threading vis-a-vis mail 
fetching, is beginning to get under my skin.

This of course is off topic from the OP's subject line, sorry.  Humm, no 
I'm not, come to think of it, kde needs to better understand the users 
viewpoint on stuff like this, and this is after all the kde (the whole 
maryann) mailing list.

I have a lot of claws installed already, so the first thing is to import 
the kmail email corpus into claws.  And on that point, I have no clue, but 
would assume the right search terms might find a tut on the web.  My feeble 
efforts haven't found it yet though.

Clues, URL's please, and thanks.

Cheers, Gene
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