Kmail2/Akonadi issue on FreeBSD.

Martin (KDE) kde at
Tue Nov 29 06:44:18 GMT 2011

Am 29.11.2011 01:53, schrieb Duncan:
> Chuck Burns posted on Mon, 28 Nov 2011 11:38:56 -0600 as excerpted:
>> I compiled the kdepim4.7.3 version under FreeBSD 9.0-STABLE, and while
>> everything -seemed- to work just fine, I am finding that is not quite
>> the case.
> FWIW, YMMV, etc, but IMO, akonadified kmail isn't ready for widespread 
> use yet.  After nearly a decade (since early 2002, kde2 era) on kmail, I 
> ended up switching to claws-mail here, and banishing kmail and anything 
> else kdepim or akonadi related from my computer!

Hallo Duncan

I read now several times that you had problems with kmail2 and your
mails and filters. I had similar problems about ten years ago and my
solution to this was setting up an imap mail server. With this I do all
my filtering on the server and I am free to use any client I want
- kmail and thunderbird on linux
- thunderbird on windows
- k9mail on android
- native mail program on ipod-touch
- any other imap aware client you can think of

All these clients gets the same filtered mails. Isn't this an option for

Btw: I once tried claws-mail as well, but this program did not fit my
needs. I currently use SOGo as groupware server besides my cyrus imap
server and afaik only thunderbird and kmail2 are able to handle
CalDAV/CardDAV correctly (on Linux). I no longer want to handle
addresses and appointments in different programs separately.


> It's a move I really should have taken earlier, with all the bugs when 
> the addressbook switched to akonadi in 4.4.  But I really wanted it to 
> work, and held on until the kmail2 introduction with kdepim 4.6.0 and 
> 4.6.1.  But between kmail and the OE imports I'd done when I switched to 
> Linux, I had mail going back to 1997 or so, and I was simply tired of 
> akonadi-related mail problems, so I dumped it and switched to claws-mail, 
> and have been MUCH happier since! =:^)
> Converting that mail archive and address book to claws-mail wasn't fun or 
> bug-free; I had to adjust the scripts I found to do it a bit.  And I had 
> to rewrite my kmail filters (~50 of them!) for claws-mail manually.  But 
> the process wasn't much worse or any buggier than the kmail upgrade 
> process itself (tho the kmail upgrade didn't bother the filters, so the 
> manual conversion for claws-mail there was additional), and when I'd 
> finished the claws-mail conversion, UNLIKE the kmail upgrade, I once 
> again had mail that ACTUALLY WORKED!
> ACTUALLY WORKING counts for a lot! =:^)  Maybe the new kmail will have 
> the bugs worked out by 4.8 or more likely 4.10, but I won't be having to 
> find out /how/ long it takes, as I'm off it now.
> As an extra bonus, I'm not afraid to run the kde betas now, and just 
> finished upgrading to 4.7.80, aka 4.8-beta1, tho I still have a couple 
> non-critical package build-failures to look at and I've not restarted KDE 
> so don't know what it'll be like, yet.  But I'd have never dared to try 
> the betas when I had kmail with over a decade's worth of mail data at 
> risk, and now I'm even trying the first beta! =:^)
> But I guess kmail2 is working for many.  Good for them!  That's the YMMV 
> part I mentioned...

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