Kmail2/Akonadi issue on FreeBSD.

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at
Tue Nov 29 00:53:04 GMT 2011

Chuck Burns posted on Mon, 28 Nov 2011 11:38:56 -0600 as excerpted:

> I compiled the kdepim4.7.3 version under FreeBSD 9.0-STABLE, and while
> everything -seemed- to work just fine, I am finding that is not quite
> the case.

FWIW, YMMV, etc, but IMO, akonadified kmail isn't ready for widespread 
use yet.  After nearly a decade (since early 2002, kde2 era) on kmail, I 
ended up switching to claws-mail here, and banishing kmail and anything 
else kdepim or akonadi related from my computer!

It's a move I really should have taken earlier, with all the bugs when 
the addressbook switched to akonadi in 4.4.  But I really wanted it to 
work, and held on until the kmail2 introduction with kdepim 4.6.0 and 
4.6.1.  But between kmail and the OE imports I'd done when I switched to 
Linux, I had mail going back to 1997 or so, and I was simply tired of 
akonadi-related mail problems, so I dumped it and switched to claws-mail, 
and have been MUCH happier since! =:^)

Converting that mail archive and address book to claws-mail wasn't fun or 
bug-free; I had to adjust the scripts I found to do it a bit.  And I had 
to rewrite my kmail filters (~50 of them!) for claws-mail manually.  But 
the process wasn't much worse or any buggier than the kmail upgrade 
process itself (tho the kmail upgrade didn't bother the filters, so the 
manual conversion for claws-mail there was additional), and when I'd 
finished the claws-mail conversion, UNLIKE the kmail upgrade, I once 
again had mail that ACTUALLY WORKED!

ACTUALLY WORKING counts for a lot! =:^)  Maybe the new kmail will have 
the bugs worked out by 4.8 or more likely 4.10, but I won't be having to 
find out /how/ long it takes, as I'm off it now.

As an extra bonus, I'm not afraid to run the kde betas now, and just 
finished upgrading to 4.7.80, aka 4.8-beta1, tho I still have a couple 
non-critical package build-failures to look at and I've not restarted KDE 
so don't know what it'll be like, yet.  But I'd have never dared to try 
the betas when I had kmail with over a decade's worth of mail data at 
risk, and now I'm even trying the first beta! =:^)

But I guess kmail2 is working for many.  Good for them!  That's the YMMV 
part I mentioned...

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