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Tue May 31 22:46:36 BST 2011

On 2011/05/31 11:05 (GMT-0700) John Woodhouse composed:

> I didn't match the dpi of the monitor to X settings. I generated xorg.conf file
> mode lines for my monitor using cvt in the console. Initially I used display
> size for X scaling but later changed to dpi as this looked to give more options
> for messing about later. 100dpi came about as it seemed to be one of 2 values X
> prefers.

That pair of preferences dates back to the days of bitmap fonts, infrequently 
used on any modern computer, and very rarely seen in web pages. Scalable 
fonts are tuned to look best at 72 and/or 96 DPI and the most common sizes 
used at those pixel densities. That tuning usually means a DPI multiple of at 
least four is required for fonts to scale decently from one step to the next, 
but fonts usually work much better with a density multiple of 12 or 16, and 
best at a multiple of 24. IOW, 72, 96, 120, 144, 168 & 192 are usually better 
than 84, 108, 132 & 156, which in turn are better than 86, 90, 111, 131, 143 
& other random densities that match LCD device densities.

>  My monitor is more like 90. Many monitors use edid so don't need an
> xorg.conf file but people sometimes over ride edid anyway.

Override is commonly necessary for those with imperfect vision and/or above 
average device density. Some X implementations are so closely tied to EDID 
that escape therefrom can be difficult if not impossible, e.g.
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