How do I remove the "new activity" item from the desktop?

John Woodhouse a_johnlonger at
Mon May 30 19:25:54 BST 2011

I think a lot depends on what a pc is used for. Mine when I load it up again 
following my upgrade will have about 35gb of pdf's,djvu's many of which are 
ebooks on a variety of subjects. Also lots of print to file as well. I can 
navigate to these via a application but it's quicker to get to the directory 
they are in and click launch them. I may want several open at the same time. My 
usual route to that sort of thing is the desktop but having got fed up of these 
document, video, music type arrangements off home I've now decided to use them 
and place links to them on the desktop. In other circumstances writing software 
for certain systems I would have a directory with the files I'm working on in 
it. These would be click launched to an editor. A further icons would assemble 
or compile the last file I edited, another would do the lot. Another would link 
them. Should the desktop be hidden it isn't really a problem - I just use the 
show desktop and what ever I want next gets clicked and also goes to the focus.

I think a lot depends on how much and for what reason a pc is used. I've pounded 
the d#mm things ever since they were invented and others before. I've used 
desktops since win 3.1 mark 1 with a little resistance to begin with. I find 
that the majority of what might be called heavy 8 hours a day users use the 
interface like this. Like me they also often use the desktop for what might be 
called a semi temp location.

The activity aspect might interest me. I might find I can create one called 
microscopy. This might sub divide further into say manuals, slide making, image 
processing and a number of other things. Each of these would ideally break down 
further over several levels otherwise it wouldn't be of much use but the same 
thing can be done with ordinary directory structures.  All would end in a launch 
click. I hardly ever use the launch panels. The only direct application launch 
icons I use are on the task bar. At the moment these are browser or two,email, 
dolphin, dolphin su mode and yast (system tool and update). You will notice that 
these aren't associated with a particular file type in the usual way Kate 
usually ends up there as well also run in su mode mainly because it did have a 
facility to return to files it had worked on in the past. Save remembering where 
system files are. Haven't looked how that has gone yet. I did shown as a sort of 
directory tree - little bit like launch clicking. It goes straight there without 
much in the line of navigation.

The entire purpose of associations is to allow a pc to be used this way. Add 
easy link set ups as per kde4 allows the activity aspects to include 
applications as well,  a replacement for my task bar maybe  ;-) Makes me wonder 
if I can have an su activity as well. That would also be useful but I suspect 
wont be available.

My nas will get a desktop link shortly as well. I'm fed up of opening dolphin 
selecting network and then selecting the nas and then navigating to the folder I 
use. A link gets there in one click.

Each to his or her own as they say but basically it's quicker to work this way.

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> > Frankly what  it boils down to is I can't see the point in having a
> > largely empty  screen. Many many others can't either.
> I can't see the point of having  any icons on the desktop. It's rare that I 
> actually see more than a tiny  fraction of my desktop, over which virtually 
> always lie open app windows.  Without the panel and app starter, few apps 
> would ever manage to get opened  here. I've yet to start a "new activity", 
> whatever that's supposed to be. I  open apps exclusively from the quick 
> launcher items on the panel, or from  the (traditional) app starter.
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