How do I remove the "new activity" item from the desktop? [OT]

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Tue May 31 19:05:50 BST 2011

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> On 2011/05/31 03:49 (GMT-0700) John Woodhouse composed:
> > I run a  22ins monitor at  1680x1050 that's been with me for many years. 
>About  9
> > I think. Now hd tv's are available I am wondering about moving in that  
> > but there really isn't much of a gain in resolution so it's a  question of 
> > how big one can go before the dot size/spacing becomes  a problem. I run the
> > monitor at 100dpi which produces nice tight clear  text. that is a little 
> > for ageing eyes without some aid. At some  point I intend to play with this 
>and x
> > scaling to see just how large I  can go before things get objectionable.
> It's not necessary for your DTE's  DPI to match your display's DPI. Forcing 
> DPI is a practical way to scale the  whole desktop to meet personal needs. 
> Usually setting DisplaySize in  xorg.conf will get the job done at the outset, 

> though proprietary NVidia  users can set DPI directly. Xrandr can do it, but 
> using it is actually less  straightforward, particularly figuring out your 
> distro's preferred place to  put startup xrandr commands.
> DPI multiples of 12 can produce more  pleasing results than exact display 
> device matches or arbitrary values. 
> provides settings for reaching 12  multiples. I usually force 120 or 144 and 
> view from a greater than average  distance.
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I didn't match the dpi of the monitor to X settings. I generated xorg.conf file 
mode lines for my monitor using cvt in the console. Initially I used display 
size for X scaling but later changed to dpi as this looked to give more options 
for messing about later. 100dpi came about as it seemed to be one of 2 values X 
prefers. My monitor is more like 90. Many monitors use edid so don't need an 
xorg.conf file but people sometimes over ride edid anyway.

As things stand it works out well. Pages scale sensibly even the one on Felix's 
hall of shame showing a book type tablet - Barnes and Noble. The text on the 
touch reader is easily readable if slightly fuzzy due the quality of the image I 
suspect. The text on this mail is more or less the same as that generated by 
kde. Must admit I miss wysiwig in respect to word processors but it does allow 
more on the screen. The text is probably about 2/3rds or more of the size 
normally used on a letter etc when printed. I wear 1.25 dioptre reading glasses 
at the pc. The optician would up that but it's best to fight ageing eyes as 
given the excuse they get worse rapidly. At the moment my monitor is viewed from 
about 18ins.


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