No sound in Kubuntu 11.04

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Mon May 30 07:09:55 BST 2011

Marcelo Magno T. Sales posted on Sun, 29 May 2011 18:42:33 -0300 as

> I've tried phonon-vlc backend for a few days and it indeed does not fail
> as the gstreamer one does.

Well, good suggestion to try it, then. =:^)

> However, KDE sound events play somewhat weird with the vlc backend.
> So, I have to choose between system that sounds ugly and another that
> sounds good, but only for a few hours before muting completely. :(

Ugh!  =:^(

>From what I know of the subject, the problem /may/ be sampling size/rate 
related, particularly if the sounds are much slower/faster than normal and/
or off-pitch ("chipmunk" high or "under-water" low), like an old-fashioned 
record or tape played at the wrong speed.

However, that's about the extent of my knowledge, there.  Fortunately, 
I've never had problems with that here, unless I'm deliberately fiddling 
with the speed.  In theory, it should be fixable, but I've not the 
foggiest how.

> I would like to try pulseaudio with the gstreamer backend (this was my
> preferred output device in Kubuntu 10.04), but can't make it appear as
> an output device. After I have installed all pulseaudio related
> packages, pulseaudio is available as a capture device, but not as an
> output device.

I've never had pulse-audio on my system(s) at all, and really am not 
interested in having it, either.  Of course, Gentoo with its USE flags for 
customization makes that easy enough in general.  To me, that's one more 
layer of complication I'd rather simply not deal with, so I simply don't 
allow it on my system.

Of course that means I have virtually no knowledge on the topic, so for 
that someone else will have to step in.

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