Kaffeine and playing files from off the local network

Charles Polisher cpolish at surewest.net
Sun May 29 21:27:36 BST 2011

John Woodhouse wrote:

> The paths I am trying to use do work on kde and do not require explicit mounting 
> and are extremely easy to set up but aren't allowed to work. There doesn't seem 
> to be any logical reason for this. The connection unlike samba etc which is 
> amazingly slow is also set up immediately and access is just like using a local 
> disc - again unlike samba the first time it's used from within an application. 
> Even working down a series if directories is amazingly slow at this point.

Sounds suspiciously like a DNS problem (the long delays).
Standard troubleshooting woulkd include resolving the various
hostnames using the "host" command, dig, and ping.  It should
only consume a few minutes to check.

While you're at the network layer, capture a network trace using
e.g. wireshark. Consult the menu item Analyze->Expert Info,
anything in yellow or red could be of interest. Under the
View->Time Display Format menu item choose "display offset from
previously captured packet". Any large unexpected delays would be
red flags.
> The other one relates to backends etc and ipv6. While nosing around on Vista I 
> found an interesting window that suggests that it's capable of determining for 
> it self just how usable ipv6 is and automatically selecting either ipv4 or 6 as 
> needed. It's not perfect as I set up an ipv6 dns service ip via my router and 
> it's using it for ipv4 and left the space for an ipv6 dns service blank. One 
> thing for sure though it's more ready than linux is where ok the kernel will do 
> either but that's it. Distro's are even sent out set up to use ipv6 by default.. 
> Pointless given the number of available ipv6 servers. The main aspect here is 
> that windozeis  far more ipv6 ready than linux distro's are.

Windows IPv6 networking is *ahem* crap. If you're interested,
try starting out with http://packetpushers.net/show-43-microsoft-teredo-is-crap/
or for the gory details http://www.potaroo.net/ispcol/2011-04/teredo.html
or Google for Teredo (Microsoft's IPv6 stack implmentation).

But you raise an interesting point. Could an IPv4/IPv6
interaction be causing mischief? Try disabling IPv6 (Google for
it) and see if that affects the issue. I do not suggest that you
permanently disable IPv6.

> Basically the middle layer between the kernel and the desktop isn't functionally 
> evolving at all. All that is happing is different ways are being used to achieve 
> exactly the same thing. It's also possible to use the same argument against 
> desktops themselves.

Earlier in the thread someone made a comment about power desktop
users.  AFAIKT, the real power users - I'm not claiming to be
one of them - customize fwvm and have it jump through every hoop
they care to think of. That takes pressure off the Gnome / KDE /
whatever ecosystem. Maybe that lack of pressure has harmed
things. Anyway, if you're attempting to play mp3's and 4's, does
mplayer do the job?

Best regards,
Charles Polisher

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