Kaffeine and playing files from off the local network

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Sat May 28 01:31:15 BST 2011

John Woodhouse posted on Fri, 27 May 2011 15:42:24 -0700 as excerpted:

> It seems from nosing around that problems in this area are occurring
> with servers other than a nas as well.
> I have filed a bug via novell on this. I feel that kde has little
> credibility for anything other than toy use while this aspect is like
> this.

Had you kept the "toy use" claim general, I might have felt it justifiable 
as there's arguably a lot of people that consider kde4 just that, fit for 
toy use only, due to all sorts of both still unresolved kde4 issues and 
now even SERIOUS REGRESSIONS (like the 4.6.3 konqueror double-requests-
regression, making konqueror AGAIN unsuitable for use by anyone serious 
about conducting financial transactions using their browser -- this on top 
of the encryption cert management issues just recently getting to a 
tolerable, if not yet ideal, state, and the proxy issues that confounded 
many users earlier, and that's just one set of serious bugs in one major 
application!) in the middle of what's SUPPOSED to be a stable upgrade 

But narrowing it down to one specific usage case, LAN access, weakens your 
case to the point I really can't agree with the broad claim made on that 
basis alone.  Certainly, there are all sorts of "non-toy" users, depending 
on kde for everyday use, that don't use the LAN functionality you're 
complaining about (and I'm one of them), just as there are all sorts of 
users that gave up on konqueor long ago and now use firefox or chromium/
chrome or opera or..., for which the konqueor bugs I just mentioned don't 
make kde4 only fit for use as a toy.

While I do believe the case can be well argued that kde4 is only fit for 
toy use in general, due to all sorts of bugs and regressions of which 
we've discussed two sets of examples, I can't agree that any specific bug 
alone makes kde4 only credible for use as a toy, because that's an 
EXTREMELY broad claim based on a VERY SPECIFIC use case, one that not ALL 
"serious" (if that's what we call the non-toy class) users are going to 

Alternatively, had you specifically qualified the claim as "for my own 
usage" or the like, then the "toy" class only usage claim could be valid, 
since who's going to argue with someone about their own usage?

But as it is, by implication, you just called everyone that doesn't happen 
to use KDE on a LAN a "toy class" user, and that's a **VERY** big (and 
indeed quite offensive) claim to defend indeed!  I obviously take a rather 
big personal exception to THAT claim!

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