How KTorrent commanded to download a file sequentially

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giovanni_re posted on Sun, 22 May 2011 01:11:28 -0700 as excerpted:

> A)  How can KTorrent be commanded to download a file sequentially
> (without gaps), rather than pieces distributed randomly throughout the
> file?
> B)  How can KT be told:
> 1) at first, only download on torrent1 until it is completely dl'd.
> 2) then, switch to dl'ing 5 torrents simultaneously

> Using KT 3.3.4 on kde 4.4.5 in KUbuntu 10.04.
> Maybe these things are fixed in KT 4?  - which I'll have hopefully
> shortly when I upgrade to KU 11.04.
> =
> also, when I do Help > KTorrent handbook, it gives the popup error
> message: The file or folder help:/ktorrent/index.html does not exist.
> Is there none, or is this maybe a KUbuntu packaging problem?

Caveat:  I have ktorrent 4.1.1 (on kde 4.6.3) installed here, on Gentoo, 
but I torrent rarely enough that I don't know the application particularly 
well.  (FWIW, I'm a reasonably heavy newsgroup/usenet user and probably 
never got into torrenting as the newsgroups kept me busy.  But I've used 
torrents for distribution ISOs and the occasional specific archive I've 
read about somewhere, like the 17-gig archive of myspace "private" photos 
someone grabbed and torrented at one point, at times.)

There's a "handbook" that says 4.0 included, but it's not much of one.  
It's basically a single intro page with one-line descriptions of some of 
the features, plus links to the homepage, (online) handbook, forum, wiki, 
and the general kde forums.

According to the homepage, 4.0 was the feature release after 3.3.4, and 
4.1 after that.  4.0 included magnet and uTP protocol (torrenting over UDP 
instead of TCP) support.  4.1 included superseeding support and a kio-
magnet kioslave.  There's also a UI redesign to make better use of kparts, 
and **VIDEO-STREAMING**, watch a movie as it's downloading.

That video-streaming bit should pertains to your sequential download 
question, as watching the movie in random order probably wouldn't be all 
that satisfying an experience.  =:^P

For the second question, download one torrent first, then switch to five-
at-once, I suspect you'd have to use the scripting interface to change the 
setup to fie-at-a-time once the script gets the download-finished event on 
the first torrent.  However, as I said, I'm definitely not an expert, and 
it may actually be possible using torrent priority too, if it's possible 
to set the first one at higher priority then the five others at the same 
priority lower than the first.

FWIW, the links...



ktorrent forum:

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