How KTorrent commanded to download a file sequentially

giovanni_re john_re at
Sun May 22 09:11:28 BST 2011

A)  How can KTorrent be commanded to download a file sequentially
(without gaps), rather than pieces distributed randomly throughout the

B)  How can KT be told:
1) at first, only download on torrent1 until it is completely dl'd.
2) then, switch to dl'ing 5 torrents simultaneously

Thanks :)

Using KT 3.3.4 on kde 4.4.5 in KUbuntu 10.04.

Maybe these things are fixed in KT 4?  - which I'll have hopefully
shortly when I upgrade to KU 11.04.

also, when I do Help > KTorrent handbook, it gives the popup error
The file or folder help:/ktorrent/index.html does not exist.

Is there none, or is this maybe a KUbuntu packaging problem?

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