How KTorrent commanded to download a file sequentially

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Sun May 22 11:58:33 BST 2011

On Sunday, May 22, 2011 06:46:50 AM giovanni_re did opine:

> A)  How can KTorrent be commanded to download a file sequentially
> (without gaps), rather than pieces distributed randomly throughout the
> file?

That is how he torrent protocol works.  You are asking for an ftp style 
pull.  Torrents are generally pre-allocated on disk which reduces file 
fragmentation.  One thing I always do is when the gui says 100%, I stop it 
from the menu stop, verify that there are no processes left, and restart 
it, which causes the engine to recheck the download and fix any errors.

> B)  How can KT be told:
> 1) at first, only download on torrent1 until it is completely dl'd.
> 2) then, switch to dl'ing 5 torrents simultaneously

That I can't answer.  I do know there is some scripting ability, but its 
defaults have always Just Worked(TM) for me.  Some of its earlier gui's 
were a disaster, but the torrent engine worked fine.


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