Kaffeine and playing files from off the local network

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Sat May 21 01:10:48 BST 2011

John Woodhouse posted on Fri, 20 May 2011 15:50:59 -0700 as excerpted:

> I have just installed a nas and connected to it with dolphin which was
> relatively straightforward. Everything is fine except for playing avi's
> etc off it with kaffeine. It come up with an error message relating to a
> missing plugin - can't find missing input plugin for mrl smb//.. etc
> The file plays without problem of the local disc and usb.
> What do I need to do to fix this. There is some mention of xine-smb on
> the web but that seems to need xine-plugins which doesn't seem to exist.
> All a little curious because I believe these relate to browser plugins.
> Worse still the file plays on windows off the same nas.
> John Opensuse 11.4 KDE 4.6.0-6 kaffeine 1.2.2

If an MS platform plays the file off the NAS, then the NAS is setup for MS 
Windows networking, smb/small-message-block.  On Linux, that's handled by 
samba.  Do you have that installed and the requisite kernel options 
enabled?  (If you're running a distribution kernel, then the kernel 
options are likely enabled.  If you build your own, you'd need to enable 

I have stayed away from MS anything, including MS style networking, here, 
so it's unlikely I can help with the smb-related details.  However, I 
believe there are kio (kde-io (input/output)) plugins for samba style 
networking.  It may be that's what kaffeine is looking for.  Or it could 
be as you mentioned, xine-smb.  

Taking a look here on Gentoo, xine-libs has a samba USE flag, which if 
enabled, pulls in samba as a dependency and sets a compile flag
--enable-samba (conversely setting --disable-samba if USE=-samba).  But 
presumably you're using your distribution binary there, which will have 
prebuild dependencies and support, or not, but presumably they do enable 

Meanwhile, in context, plugins could refer to codecs or other plugins as 
well as to web browser plugins.  I'm not sure which it refers to here.  
But I don't see a xine-plugins package here on Gentoo either, tho I seem 
to remember a kaffeine browser plugin back in the kde3 era.

Your problem is definitely that whatever kaffeine uses for smb network 
play isn't configured or working correctly, tho.

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