kmail problems with imap server

Alex Schuster wonko at
Fri May 13 12:11:37 BST 2011

Dani Barna writes:

> After a few months of trying kmail, I could not access my mailbox on our
> imap server: the server refused connections (from any client, even
> alpine) After a long struggling our administrators figured out that the
> reason is that there were a lot of idle connections. Even though the
> server (they said) is configured to close idle connections after 30
> mins, kmail seems to manage to set some flags which make these
> connections stay alive... (?). It happened already twice, so I need to
> abandon kmail and switch to thunderbird, even though it still does not
> support local maildirs. Cheers

That's bad. I also experience some problems with Kontact/KMail, sometimes 
when I quit the Kontact process is still running, along with lots of 
kdeinit4: kio_imap4 processes. Kontact refuses to start then, so I just kill 
the process and all is fine. Sometimes I also _have_ to quit Kontact in 
order to see new mails - the folder view tells me there are new mails, but 
when I enter the foler, I do not see them.

If you like to stay with KMail, you could try to set up a new account as 
disconnected IMAP instead of plain IMAP, maybe this helps. I'm just trying 
this out for myself, after Kevin gave me the tip here.

I'm not sure what type these connections are, maybe they show up with 
netstat -a | grep kmail or netstat -a | grep <your imap server>, so you can 
check if it helps. Maybe even lsof | grep kmail gives information.

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