Info request on menu's recently used list

gene heskett gheskett at
Sat May 14 15:01:49 BST 2011


How can I increase the number of common apps that show up in the recently 
used portion at the top of the text style kde menu?

This current method apparently only keeps time stamp order, and by the time 
I have done half of my daily activities, the run once per boot stuff, 
because they run 24/7, apps have scrolled off the bottom of the list & I 
have to search through the menu's subdirs to find them again.

One feature I loved/hated about the later kde3 was that if you used a 
common set of apps, the list was kept over a reboot, so rerunning such as 
kmail, gkrellm and a few shells here & there were automatically restored as 
part of the kde startup dance.  That appears to be no more, or I have that 
option turned off someplace I can't find.

If it is available, how can I re-enable this behavior?


Cheers, Gene
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